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Hong Kong travel rules for the vaccinated

Staycations and glamping under the stars are all cool but if there’s a chance at the real deal – board a plane, jet set to a fancy destination or just relive the holidays of the past – will you not jump at the opportunity? 

From Mauritius, Switzerland to Portugal – several countries have opened their borders to inoculated Hong Kongers, albeit with stipulations. Prepare your passport and vaccination record, and if a Group B or a Group C country is on your travel radar, quarantine time could be slashed to just seven days. Here are the rules:


Countries which qualify for a shortened quarantine

Starting from June 30, fully vaccinated Hong Kongers who arrive from Group B (high-risk), C (medium-risk) countries and Taiwan, will be allowed to quarantine in a designated hotel for seven days if they present: 

  1. Negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, carried out in less than 72 hours prior to boarding, and
  2. Positive antibody test from a recognised laboratory carried out in Hong Kong in the last three months 

Fully vaccinated passengers from Group D – Australia and New Zealand – can make use of the seven day isolation period without the need of an antibody test. 

Group B includes, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, United States amongst others and Group C are all other countries except China which are not in Groups A1, A2, B or Group D. Australia and New Zealand are the only Group D places. 

On top of the above requirements, passengers will have to undergo two COVID-19 tests during their quarantine period, and a further three tests on the 12th, 16th and 19th day thereafter. 

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Countries which are open to double vaxxed Hong Kongers

 1. Switzerland 

Carry COVID-19 vaccination records, proof of negative nucleic acid test and sign an entry form before arrival  and you’re all set to enjoy the Alpine villages and the most unreal nature backdrops. Check the latest rules before landing but as of now, there is no quarantine requirement for vaccinated Hong Kongers. 

2. Mauritius 

Fully vaccinated Hong Kongers can make the most of water villas at this breezy getaway with a negative PCR test at the airport and proof of vaccination. Till the end of September, this island paradise allows travellers to book a ‘hotel holiday’ where they can use all the hotel amenities and relax on the beach for a period of two weeks. If time and budget permits you to stay more than a fortnight, you’re free to roam on this island paradise. Rules for vaccinated passengers will relax further from October so keep a tab at their official website

3. Germany


Germany recognizes vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency which includes Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna. If you fulfil this criteria then complete the digital entry registration, undergo mandatory testing or provide an antibody test as a proof of immunity to enjoy a quarantine-free holiday here. Read updated details here

4. Spain

Spain was in one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns in the spring of 2020. Battered in both the number of infections and casualties, the country bounced back for the summer of 2020 but again entered a strict lockdown from November 2020 to May 2021. The restrictions have now eased and as of June 7, fully vaccinated travellers can enter this laidback country with just the proof of vaccination and other details registered on the Spain Travel Health website

5. USA


Travel to America is a bit tricky to navigate. At the moment, vaccinated individuals are allowed to land in the country and roam around without quarantine but restrictions can vary from state-to-state. By and large, Hong Kong is on the ‘safest level’ of COVID-hit countries in the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list. 

 6. Belize 

This tiny Central American country has the most stunning Mayan ruins, turquoise waters and diverse coral reef’s. Carry a proof of negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 96 hours of travel and proof of vaccination completed at least two weeks prior to travel to soak in the lush landscape. Complete the Belize Health App within 72 hours upon arrival. Further details can be explored here

7. Greece

One of the most popular holiday destinations, Greece is welcoming double vaxxed travellers with a negative PCR test but COVID-19 cases there are on the rise. At the time of publishing the story, more than 2,600 positive cases were recorded in a single day and several countries have raised red flags for travel to this country. If Greece is still on your itinerary, fill up the Passenger Locator Form before arrival. 

8. Thailand

Thailand has the same travel requirements as most countries but keep a tab on the news before booking your stay here. Even though travel is open, the country is battling its worst COVID-19 wave since January 2020. Infections and deaths are both on the rise and unless travel to this island nation is absolutely essential, we’d say, avoid. 

9. Georgia

Fully vaccinated travellers have zero restrictions before travelling to Georgia and no quarantine requirement on landing. Even though Hong Kong government does not have travel warnings in place, given the recent spate of COVID-19 cases here, the US CDC recommends avoiding all unnecessary travel to this beautiful Caucasin country. 

10. Seychelles

Currently this gorgeous island nation has no quarantine or travel restrictions for vaccinated travellers. The vaccination rate in the local population has been as high as 71%, clearly they’ve reached the herd-immunity threshold for COVID infections. 

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