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Reel Deal: January movies hitting silver screens in Hong Kong

As 2020 opens, there are countless big screen outings to tempt any film aficionados into visiting theatres this January.. From the much critiqued Jojo Rabbit to the much awaited sequel to the Bad Boys film series or the new versions of movies that have already hit the big screens earlier, here is a line up of movies that you can look forward to for January 2020.


Little Women – 9 January

Based on a novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is a bildungsroman that follows the lives of four sisters ‒ Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg. This period film shows the way the aftermath of the American Civil War impacts the March sisters and emphasises on their love and support for each other despite their contrasting opinions. Although, the drama is set in the past, each sister is very relatable, making it a timeless classic that will interest most audience.

Bad Boys for Life – 16 January

For fans of the Bad Boys film series, the franchise is back with its much anticipated new sequel to the series. After Bad Boys II that came out in 2003, it has been a wait for more than a decade. Similar to the previous Bad Boys movies, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are cops. They investigate a drug cartel in Miami. This action packed comedy definitely has all the fun you would expect in a movie.

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle – 23 January

This animated fantasy movie follows the life of Doctor Dolittle, a man with the unique ability to communicate with animals. Played by Robert Downey Jr, Doctor Dolittle lives a secluded life with just animals as his friends. When Queen Victoria falls ill, he and his friends have to embark on an adventure to find the medicine. Accompanied by a vibrant soundtrack, this latest version of Doctor Dolittle promises entertainment from beginning to end. 

The Grudge – 23 January

For any horror film enthusiast, the upcoming movie, The Grudge may already be in their ‘must watch’ list. When Detective Muldoon works on a murder case, she realises that the house where it took place is now haunted by a vengeful ghost. This spooky thriller unfolds the story of how she saves herself and others from the spirit after it follows her to her home. Get ready to scream and maybe even skip a heartbeat or two as you watch this psychological thriller.

Jojo Rabbit – 30 January

To say Hitler and comedy are oxymorons would be a statement that most people would agree to. However, that is not the case with Taiki Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit. Set in Nazi Germany, the movie follows the story of Jojo, a young boy in Hitler’s army who discovers that his mom is hiding a Jewish girl in their house. What makes the plot more interesting is that, Jojo’s imaginary friend is a comical version of Hitler. This “anti-hate satire” is a perfect mix of both comedy and tragedy.

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