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Latest water gadgets to explore the ocean like a pro!

After a year of on-and-off social distancing measures, the summer of 2021 is truly special. And if you’re seeking some ocean-diving fun, invest in the best water gadgets to elevate your seascape adventure before the end of the season.

We are listing out the water gadgets to make all your friends envious – take a look:

the best water gadgets to get this summer 2021 gafencu F5 s seabob underwater ski jet

Photo courtesy of Seabob

F5 S by Seabob (Underwater Jetski)
The perfect ocean-going toy for thrill-seekers – the F5 S underwater jetski by Seabob brings man even closer to the ocean. A high-performance jetski with six different speed levels that allows riders to cruise on the surface and safely dive 40m underwater and accelerate back up to the surface. Measuring only 1.1 metres and at 34 kilograms, it is easily controlled by the shift of the driver’s own bodyweight. It boasts a high degree of flexibility in movement plus a safety depth lock that helps prevents the watercraft from diving to a certain limit. The F5 S comes in a range of up to a dozen colour options. 

Price: HK$111,482
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the best water gadgets to get this summer 2021 gafencu hydrofoil fliteboard flite

Photo courtesy of Flite

Fliteboard by Flite (Hydrofoil Surfboard)
New waves — no problem. Fliteboard Air takes your surfboarding and wake boarding experience literally to a whole new level. Award-winning e-foil creators Flite has put out a hand-held remote-controlled hydrofoil that lets you hover above calm waters. Powered by a motor situated under the base of the board, made with aircraft-grade aluminum and a design to keep you balanced as you glide at a speed of 60kmph, it is the best performing and durable eFoil currently on the market.

It features a Virtual Gear System that highlights its Flite Controller, which it claims is the world’s smartest eFoil controller, the digital screen remains easy to read under the glare of sunlight, indicating battery level, ride time, distance, speed and power usage among other useful information. This motorized surfboard is a fast, quiet and is built with an emission-free board that can also be customized to suit the riding experience. Move over hover boards — the hydrofoil is here to stay.

Get it here.

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the best water gadgets to get this summer 2021 gafencu underwater 4k camerathe qysea fifish v6

Photo courtesy of QYSEA

Fifish V6 by QYSEA (Underwater Drone)
Goodbye flimsy plastic water cases and shaky video footages, water vehicle manufacturers QYSEA adds to their line of underwater drones a new iteration that will excite photography and filmmaking enthusiasts. The Fifish V6 is a 4K UHD underwater camera with a 12MP lens, a f/2.5 aperture, 4000 Lumen LEDs that shoots beautiful, natural images in low-light settings. Weighing only 3.9 kilograms and measuring in 33 cm x 15cm, it is a must-have vlogging gadget.

Offering a polar opposite view from its aerial counterpart, it can shoot with 166 omni-directional field of vision in both JPEG and Raw DNG format, as well as 240 fps. With a 4-hour battery life, a 64GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, and a depth resistance of 100 meters, you can fully control the drone while tethered to its ergonomically designed smart controller or a VR Smart motion sensor headset that enables intuitive drone control. It also allows convenient video editing and instant share capabilities with friends and family via its dedicated app.
Price: HK$15,790
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the best water gadgets to get this summer 2021 gafencu underwater scooter navbow sublue

Photo courtesy of Sublue

Sublue Navbow (Underwater Scooter)
The innovative underwater scooter Navbow by Sublue is a powerful gadget for the whole family. Leisurely cruising on the surface or dive down underwater with this handheld dual-motor underwater craft – it features 3-speed switches that lets you go as fast as 7.2kmph and dive down 40m deep. A battery life of up to an hour will help you explore a new way of life.

Weighing only 3.4kg, it offers maximum movement flexibility and maneuverability – handle it with one hand and let the other navigate the accessories on the mounting platform. Highlights also include the D-ring buckle and tow rope; you’ll never lose it or sink too far from reach when it’s tethered to your body equipment.
Price: HK$8999 (with battery)
Get it here.

the best water gadgets to get this summer 2021 gafencu powerbreather

Photo courtesy of Ameo

Ameo Powerbreather (Snorkling accessory with Fresh Air System)
Developed in Germany, the Ameo Powerbreather is a huge upgrade from the traditional snorkeling breathing tubes. It’s an innovative snorkeling accessory that allows water-loving individuals of every level to effortlessly breathe while swimming. Boasting a Fresh Air System that features two speed vents that separates exhalation and inhalation, it lets swimmers breath 100% fresh dry air for optimum endurance performance. 

With its patented valve system, it prevents water from entering the snorkel, especially in open sea. It also comes with an assortment of vent attachments that lets you adjusts to different water and training conditions and offers a comfortable and non-restrictive experience for swimmers of all levels, including children in training, adults with under physio rehabilitation, or any watersport-loving individual who’d like to enjoy a more relaxed sight-seeing experience underwater. It also claims to be ideal for use with chlorine allergy in swimming pools.
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Feature image courtesy of Seabob

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