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Montblanc celebrates 20th Laureus World Sports Awards

As a pioneering brand that has believed in the importance of education, German luxury maison Montblanc has continued to be a proponent of the leading charitable cause Laureus Sport For Good for the work it does to support youngsters. With this year marking the 20th anniversary of the annual Laureus World Sports Awards, the horology brand celebrated with a lavish party in Berlin.


The event, hosted by the Love Actually star Hugh Grant, had a selected theme of ‘Sport Unites Us’ – a thought inspired by Nelson Mandela’s words at the first Laureus World Sports Awards as the Founding Patron of the organisation. In his speech, he talked about sports being a strong driving force that “inspires, unites and creates hope” for young people.

More importantly, this award ceremony honoured sportspeople from all over the world for their achievements in the past year, including stars like Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton, Simone Biles, Chloe Kim, Sachin Tendulkar and more.


Moreover, as the official awards supporter, Montblanc presented all the attendees with a custom limited-edition bracelet with the emblem of Laureus and the fashion label. This leather and silver accessory represents the German manufacturer’s advocacy of the programmes organised by the sports foundation.


About this ongoing endorsement, the Marketing Executive Vice President of Montblanc Vincent Montalescot said, “We are proud to support the incredible work that Laureus has been doing for the past two decades, uniting, inspiring and changing the lives of young people around the world, and helping them find a way to a better, brighter future.”

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