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New day and night editions of MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT

Breaking with the more conventional femme-focused timepiece designs, horology marque Maximilian Busser and Friends, popularly known as MB&F, introduced its Legacy Machine FlyingT – its first every model for women – at the starting of 2019.

Proudly accoladed with the Prix de la Complication pour Dame award at the prestigious 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the watches are replete with intricately engineered details and dazzlingly avant-garde stylings.

Legacy Machine FlyingT

Then available in three versions – Black Lacquer, Pavée and Baguette –  the Swiss label has recently launched two more iterations of the Legacy Machine FlyingT – a black dial in a 18K red gold case that is reminiscent of night, and a light blue avatar housed in a platinum 950 case that is inspired by day.

Moreover, these guilloché dials,  crafted by the horology maison’s long-standing collaborator Kari Voutilainen, serve to further enhance the centrepiece of it’s design, its eponymous feature – the tourbillon.

Legacy Machine FlyingT

Adding to it, the small white-lacquered dial is placed at an inclination of 50° allowing only the user to see the time – thus improving the personal touch.

Limited to 18 pieces of each colour, these Legacy Machine FlyingT watches have a power reserve of 100 hours.

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