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Les Epures des Parfum: Cartier unveils trio of delicious scents

Cartier’s master perfumer Mathilde Laurent pays homage to the art of perfumery by drawing back the curtain on three all-new olfactory scents as part of the Les Epures de Parfum collection.

Les Epures des Parfum by Cartier

Drawing on the concept that perfume is akin to living pieces of high jewellery, each fine fragrance purportedly ‘captures a sense of life and spontaneous freshness’ by capturing the very best scents of Mother Nature within a bottle.

Cartier Les Epures des Parfum Mathilde Laurent

Cartier master perfumer Mathilde Laurent

The first of these new Les Epures de Parfum creations is Pur Murguet. Blending classic flourishes with a wholly contemporary vision, its key ingredient is the aromatic lily-of-the-valley flower. Then, there’s the Pur Kinkan, all cool, refreshing citrusy notes with a barely-there appeal. Finally, the Pur Magnolia boasts an evocatively romantic aroma that is at once sophisticated and refreshing.

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