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Lockdown Learning: New skills to pick up to expand your horizons

There’s nothing better than focusing your energy on learning a new talent to take your mind away from the Covid-ridden troubles of life in Hong Kong. Be it mastering a new language, becoming a Master of Wine or learning the fine art of flower arrangement, here are some new skills to pick up that won’t just help while away the days, but also expand your horizons.

gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons flower arrangement

Flower Arrangement
Flower arrangement has long been rooted in ancient traditions. In Japan, it is an artform that brings new dimensions by enhancing the inner beauty of various blossoms. Ancient Greeks, meanwhile, fashioned flowers into garlands and wreaths to symbolise honour. Today, its popularity remains undiminished, offering enthusiasts a floral means of developing a keen eye for design, style and colour coordination.
Where to go: Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement, Wan Chai
Price: From $980 per class
Contact: +852 2388 2979

gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons photography

Beyond the value of documenting life events, photography is a great outlet for creative expression. Beyond helping to build technical expertise in the different functions of a camera – such as lighting, shutter speed and aperture – it also allows you to view the world from different perspectives and create a unique visual narrative through innovative compositions.
Where to go: Hong Kong Photography Workshop, Central
Price: HK$1,080
Contact: +852 9172 9101

gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons wine master

Wine Tasting
It’s one thing to like wines, it’s another thing entirely to truly appreciate them — and trust us, there is a lot to appreciate. Taking wine tasting classes that teach you how to understand how different vintages look, taste, smell and grow won’t just help you expand your understanding of this vastly popular grape-derived beverage, it might also help you impress at the next dinner party you host. 
Where to go: Debra Meiburg Wine School, Aberdeen
Price: HK$2,119.8
Contact: +852 9436 8054

 gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons pottery

Pottery formed with water and clay or ceramics, one of the oldest human inventions, continue to attract attention of both art and antique aficionados across the world. It is a practice that involves control, patience, perseverance and the ability to let go of imperfections and embrace the process of creating, moulding, and transforming raw materials into sculptural vessels. It’s also a great meditative process that encourages you to slow down and enjoy the feeling of handcrafting your own artpiece.
Where to go: Pottery Workshop, Central
Price: HK$2,900
Contact: +852 2525 7949

 gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons baking

Cooking & Baking
Whether you’re looking for a fun solo skill to learn or something you can participate in with loved ones, cooking is a great bonding and collaborative experience. Not only does it allow you to pick up the basic skills of food science and math, you can also partake in the delicious creations you cook up at the end of the class. It’s a fun way to explore the senses and train the palate while also learning a lesson or two in nutrition and ingredients.
Where to go: The Mixing Bowl, Sheung Wan
Price: $600 per person
Contact: +852 2524 0001

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