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Master of Materials: Rado’s Art of Ceramic

A symphony of durability and comfort delivers, these protective creations are a perfect harmony of innovation, materials and design. Gentle, light and resistant to wear-and-tear, cases utilise such high-tech materials as Ceramos ™ and Plasma High-Tech Ceramic, as well as the monobloc construction – which fastens the primary movement components directly into the case, an attribution credited to only the Swiss maison – ensuring each piece can last until eternity.


Producing such intricate designs can only come about through the meticulous production process – one that requires utmost precision, skill, and, above all else, loving care. The method begins by creating a mould which is then injected and heated at 1,450°C for several hours to reach its maximum hardness and colour intensity. For Plasma High-Tech Ceramic, the components then undergo an additional oven treatment to transform its stark white hue to a sleek metallic finish. During this process, the case shrinks by 23 percent, after which it is machined down to achieve the accurate final dimensions required.


Moving onto the polishing, and the components are bathed in high-frequency vibrations to produce an exceptional shine, while precision-sandblasting bequeathes it an even matte finish. Meanwhile, the finer details of the case are further treated with engraving and lacquering processes as required before undergoing a rigorous inspection to ensure every piece meets Rado’s specific standards. The end result are timepieces that blend innovation and modern beauty with the finest watchmaking skills.

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