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Paula Mok
Founder and CEO of AP Global Real Estate
Investment and ROYAL de LUX Consultancy

Paula started her investment journey with a beachfront holiday house on Lantau Island in Hong Kong 22 years ago to now managing & running a private exclusive Villa Romantica for luxury staycation in Sai Kung, and traveling the world while managing her Investment and marketing consultancy company.  

Paula partners with Charities, world renowned real estate developers, as well as banking and finance groups in the region. With her all-rounded experiences and extensive International networks, Paula understands the importance of making informed decisions based on market needs and demand when investing in properties. She follows a number of strategies to advise clients in making real estate investment decisions whether it is a mansion or estate in London, A house in Australia or Monaco or a medical purpose-built commercial tower redevelopment in Hong Kong.

Paula Mok’s real estate investment: Exclusive Villa Romantica for luxury staycation in Sai Kung

Family is the greatest treasure to Paula and she likes wearing natural diamonds because they symbolize unconditional love and the importance of family. Paula wears the De Beers High Jewellery Collection and she said she thoroughly enjoyed her experience at the De Beers “Natural Works of Art” Exhibition.

Paula wears De Beers High Jewelry collection

Paula’s 10 Key Important Points to
consider before Real Estate Investment
1.Purpose of Your Purchase
2.Current market trends in the region
3.Govt Policy, Stamp Duties & special requirements for foreigner investors
4.Interest Rate and exchange Rate
5.Political, Economy & Population Growth
6.Bank Mortgage
7.Rental Market & Yield
8.Second-hand market/ Resell opportunities
9.Location, Location and Location
10.Developer Background

“Hey women! be financially independent”

Paula’s Top 5 Money Advice for Women

1.Create a new belief: I want to be financially independent and understand its
importance that gives you greater control of your life.
2.Start saving : Set your financial goals and get into a savings habit.
3.Consider your family or partner’s needs: What’s the financial impact of
having a baby and raising a family with your partner?
4.Diversify Investment: Learn different investment vehicles, investing in real
estate is just one of them.
5.Assess the level of risk you can take: know what will be happening with your



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