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Men’s Fashion: Hottest summer looks of the season

Taking a side step from traditional masculine styling to spotlight more modern, barrier breaking ensembles that encourages men to grab the reins of their own fashion identity and embrace a path that redefines masculinity in a fashion-forward, gender-less way. See below for all the high fashion designers that are paving the way…

Sans Shirt

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It’s getting hotter each year, and we’re not just talking about the weather. From Jonah Hill to Jay-Z, and yes, Timothée Chalamet – we see you. Topless men are on trend if the pared-back runways of high-fashion authorities such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Isabel Marant and YSL are any indication.

Let it Slide

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Although men’s sandals don’t exactly scream “statement pieces”, they have long been a spring-summer wardrobe essential. Some may loathe them, but these leather slides and gladiator styles pair oddly well with almost any laid-back ensemble. Just don’t don them when a dining dress-code is required.

Men in Pink

mens-fashion-topless-sheer-style-gafencu 3

No colours are off limits in the name of fashion, and that goes for couture’s masculine devotees, too. Sporting light or bright rosy hues, men are comfortable embracing their feminine side at Burberry, Dior, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana.


mens-fashion-topless-sheer-style-gafencu 4

Lace has long marked feminine wear with undeniable elegance, but this season it makes its move toward more gender-defying designs for men. Embroidered nets, tape lace, and  crochet tops add an edgier style to this season’s men’s fashion trends.

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