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Mindful together: How to get involved with mental health charities in HK

In recent years it’s become difficult to not to know someone who hasn’t been affected by the lack of support and resources towards mental health, either for themselves or someone they love, and with Hong Kong’s Mental Health Review revealing the increasing rise of mood disorders across the city, it really is now or never to get involved. 

For many of us, it’s not that we don’t want to volunteer our time, it’s that we don’t know where to start. That’s why here at Gafencu we’ve done the research for you, and have put together a list of mental health charities in HK that would love your help.

mental health charities in HK

Hands on Hong Kong 

Acting as an initiative of Patient Care Foundation, Hands on Hong Kong wants to ensure that no one faces their mental health battles alone. Providing information and busting myths about stereotypes and common misconceptions about mental well-being, Hands On gives out both English and Chinese pamphlets to the public. For those wanting to get involved, they’re always looking for volunteers to hand out leaflets across the city and will provide those interested in a short training session on how to be a better mental health advocate.

mental health charities in HK

Mind Hong Kong

Mind Hong Kong certainly has a worthy mission with the charity aiming to provide every Hongkonger struggling with mental health with recognition, support and respect. The organisation not only offers collaborations and training to businesses looking to get more involved with the cause but also researches and audits international strategies to improve the recovery process for those in need of help. Besides the standard cash donation, Mind Hong Kong is also in need of individuals who can help share their skills in web design, fundraising, and speaking.

mental health charities in HK

Kely Support Group

Working as an outreach programme across Hong Kong, Kely Support Group hopes to inspire young adults to reach their potential through services such as peer support, technical and creative skills which will help them steer clear of drug and alcohol abuse, along with other such high-risk behaviours. To help out with Kely you can enlist as either an individual volunteer or include the whole office!


While not explicitly a mental health charity, Pathfinders provides non-partisan humanitarian services to migrant workers within Hong Kong. Helping those who are among the most vulnerable in the city, the organization aims to fill in the gaps often left in the sectors of social welfare and support, healthcare, education and access to justice. By providing expecting mothers and their children a safe place to rest and be heard, the organization has helped over 6,000 migrants and their babies in the past 10 years. Pathfinders offer a variety of ways to get involved such as volunteering, donating money or supplies such as baby clothing, old mobile phones and sanitary items.

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