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Home is where the art is: Mount Pavilia promotes sculpture park living at Clear Water Bay

New World Development’s latest low-rise residential project, Mount Pavilia, channels your inner artsy self by promoting the first-of-its-kind sculpture park living concept at one of Hong Kong’s poshest address, Clear Water Bay.

Clear Water Bay’s Rebounds, 2015, by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Embracing the theme ‘Home & Family’, Mount Pavilia’s various community spaces are dotted with bespoke sculptures created by some of Hong Kong’s most talented, including Gao Wei Gang, Kum Chi Keung, Tatiana Trouvé and Jean-Michel Othoniel.  These abstract art pieces explore boundless imagination and provide a premise for residents to channel their own inner creativity by engaging with these artworks.

Mount Pavilia’s White Yard designed by Minsuk Cho

One prime example of such a pinnacle of creativity is the clubhouse, White Yard Club, designed by award-winning architect Minsuk Cho. Equipped with all modern facilities, its architecture still allows it to form a symbiotic relation with the great outdoors. The White Yard Gallery is another such example of architectural genius. Combining art, F&B and leisure, the gallery promotes eco-living while allowing residents to pursue their artistic inclinations at chi art space, where exhibitions are held periodically.

SHARE, 2015, by Kum Chi Keung

The whole thrust of the project, carefully curated and nurtured by Adrian Cheng, is towards a holistic better lifestyle. Upholding the concept of ‘a garden without boundaries’, Mount Pavilia painstakingly creates a space where humans and nature can cohabit.

HOME, 2014, by Gao Wei Gang

In the spirit of harmonious coexistence, the project offers around 340,000 sq. ft of clubhouse and landscape area where residents can jog on the Woodland Trail or can dabble in some agricultural feats at the Urban Farm. In another such nod to eco-friendliness, Mount Pavilia boasts such sustainable features as solar-powered outdoor street lamps, aquaponics and drip irrigation that all contribute to reducing carbon footprints.

Outdoor swimming pool at Mount Pavilia

Green communities mean a better future for our next generation and Mount Pavilia promises just that through its thoughtful conceptualisation and realisation.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay
Photos: New World Development 

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