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Reel Deal: Movies releasing in March in Hong Kong

If you want to take a break from the current situation in Hong Kong, there’s no better way to while away a couple of hours and taking in the latest big-screen outings. Be it the much-awaited sequel to A Quiet Place or the live-adaptation release of Mulan, here are the must-watch movies hitting Hong Kong this March.  

March movies releasing

Jexi – 5 March

The film Jexi revolves around the relationship between a socially awkward features writer Phil and an AI robot Jexi on his phone. Initially, the virtual robot acts as a life coach and helps him to overcome his smartphone addiction and make friends in real life. However, when he becomes independent, Jexi, not quite happy with the change, turns into a tech nightmare. Created by the directors who gave us comedic smashes like Hangover and Bad Moms, Jexi looks set to be a darkly humorous hit.

The Call of the Wild – 5 March

Based on the 1903 novel by the same title, The Call of the Wild follows the journey a man takes with a dog named Buck. From a pet dog in a home in California to becoming a sled dog in the wilds of Alaska, Buck has his own background story that makes him unique and lovable. Described as ‘an adventure of a lifetime’, love and comraderie lie at the heart of this movie.

Like a Boss – 5 March

Two best friends and business partners – Mia and Mel – think they are living a successful life running their beauty company until they are hit with the hard reality – their debt. That is where the cosmetic industry expert Claire Luna (Selma Hayek) comes in to help. However, she ends up sabotaging their business by taking advantage of their ideas and hard work. Filled with laughter and a star-studded cast – Billy Porter, Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne and more, Like a Boss is pure entertainment.

A Quiet Place Part II – 19 March

When A Quiet Place ended, the Abbott family finally found a solution to save themselves from the monsters that was traumatising their lives. With A Quiet Place Part II, it comes to light that those weren’t the only creatures they had to protect themselves from. If you loved the 2018 thriller movie, this upcoming sequel is sure to interest you, just get ready for a scary good time.

Mulan – 26 March

It was a classic Chinese tale, then it was a smash animated hit, now Mulan has gotten a Disney live-adaptation makeover and, after much hype, is about to hit Hong Kong. Follow the titular character of Mulan as she disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the imperial army as they head towards a face-off with the invading Huns. Is it as good as the beloved 1998 original? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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