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Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist brings Korea’s most-coveted beef to Hong Kong

Nothing beats a really good Korean barbeque, right? But when it comes to choosing the right meat and the right cut, it’s natural to get a bit baffled, especially with a wide range of beef grades and cuts available in restaurants. But rest assured, as SoHo’s trendiest new (m)eatery Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist brings to you the most-coveted Aged 1++ Hanwoo Beef from Korea – a grade of beef that gives the Japanese Kobe beef a run for its money!

Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist

Available for the whole of August, this is a rare opportunity to savour this variety of beef that has always been traditionally reserved for royalty and is almost never exported out of Korea. The Mugung team, headed by South Korean chef and Hanwoo beef expert Kim Seungwoo, imports this highly precious meat from Korea and wet-ages it for over four weeks to enhance its flavours even further. The resulting meat is juicy, tender and full of beefy goodness – a worthy competition to Kobe and Wagyu if there were any!

Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist

As Hong Kong’s first restaurant to specialise exclusively in Hanwoo beef, Mugung offers a premium selection of cuts through its Aged Hanwoo BBQ Platter (HK$480), 1++ Hanwoo Beef Set (HK$768 for 2 people) and Thick Cut Hanwoo Beef BBQ Set – Summer Edition (HK$988 for 2 people). Under Chef Kim’s expert supervision, each cut is so prepared that no part of this beautiful beef goes to waste. We especially recommend the perfectly marbled aged rib-eye, the slightly leaner aged top sirloin and the intensely flavoured outside skirt for a thoroughly enjoyable melt-in-the-mouth experience!

Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist

Complement this with a soul-satisfying Hanwoo Bone Broth (HK$148), a creamy, rich soup, slightly seasoned with spring onions, salt and pepper whose mild flavours shows off the sweetness of the Hanwoo beef quite perfectly. If you have room for some carbohydrates, the Tartare Stone Pot Rice (HK$178) would be just the thing. Topped with an egg yolk and a special Korean sauce, it adds a perfect crunchy, mildly spicy dimension to your meal.

With many Korean barbeque joints strewn across the city, it’s difficult to stay ahead of the curve, but so far, Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist seems to be doing a fairly good job. With a classically trained Korean chef at the helm and the prized Hanwoo beef as their USP, it’s safe to say they can’t go much wrong from here.

Mugung Hanwoo Beef Specialist
Address: 33 Staunton Street, Central
Phone: (852) 2505 1723

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay

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