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Multimedia artist Natalie Wong collaborates with The Hive for first solo exhibition

Just in time for Hong Kong Arts Month, British Chinese mixed media artist Natalie Wong is set to open her first solo exhibition in partnership with arts venue The Hive Spring. Entitled “Neon Rap Portraits”, the series features glowing depictions of today’s biggest hip-hop stars the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Drake.

The Hong Kong twist to Wong’s artworks is her use of electroluminescent wire: a nod to the city’s iconic neon imagery. Wong also neatly links the ‘freestyle’ concept of her continuous line method to the essence of rap, saying “my lines are improvised in the moment, and it mirrors what a rapper does when he freestyles.” 


Wong when viral when pop culture giants Hypebeast and Missbich covered Neon Rap Portraits. Her pieces have since received enquiries from several international buyers. “There have also been multiple collectors interested in the same pieces which have resulted in a price increase in some of the work,” said Wong during the first week of release.

Wong’s traction among art buyers marks a departure from the traditional gallery route that many of the last generation’s artists had to struggle with in the early days of their careers. “Through the production of high quality digital content I have been able to reach buyers directly,” says Wong. “Galleries rarely take on new artists, so I have online channels to thank for the opportunity to showcase my work and reach a far wider audience.”

Wong says online exposure has allowed early-career artists like her to break into the market and build their own client lists.

Catch this up-and-coming artist in the flesh on February 22, 2018 at The Hive Spring in Aberdeen. 

Event Details

Date: 22 Feb 2018

Time: 7-10pm

Address: The Hive Spring, 3/F Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen

Tickets: Free – register here

If you can’t make it on the soft opening, you can still pop in to see the exhibited art, which will be on display up until the 22nd of March in the same location. (And while in you’re the area, why not drop by newly-opened restaurant Komune for deliciously playful cuisine?) 

About the artist

‘Street Pop Cubism’ pioneer Natalie Wong first made waves in the art world with her project 100 Paper Sneakers, a showcase of Nike Air Jordan 1 sculptures made from thickly textured paper and card. Since then her work has been featured in several international publications including GQ, Esquire, HYPEBEAST, IT Fashion, LifestyleAsia and Popbee.

About The Hive Spring

The Hive Spring is the newest addition to the network of the Hive Co-working spaces; it also functions as an arts and culture centre, providing a platform for a wide discipline of emerging artists. 

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