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Eternal Bloom: A new line of exclusive gifting products at Mohlia’s brand new outlet


Billed for their timeless luxury preserved Infinity Flowers, Mohlia now offers its customers a wide range of gifting products. We caught up with Simran Mohinani, the founder and CEO of Mohlia, at her new K11 Musea store to get all the exciting details:

Mohlia is known for its innovative Infinity Flowers. We’re intrigued, tell us more…
Infinity Flowers are boxed real flowers of the finest quality, grown in the mountains of Ecuador. They are hand-picked and carefully arranged piece-by-piece into an elegant gift box and then treated with our special rose oil formula – this allows their bloom to remain eternally beautiful.

gafencu mohlia flagship k11 infinity flower roses

What led you to create Mohlia?
I really love this collection because it seamlessly bridges the gap between luxury and innovation in the flower industry. Even though Hong Kong is usually at the forefront of technology, we didn’t have this concept in Asia, my home continent. It was a missing piece of luxury and I was really passionate about bringing the idea here.

Initally, the intent was to make it a side business. Little did I know that the demand will grow so rapidly that within a week, I would take the decision of making it my full-time job. Looking back, it all turned out to be amazing… It’s something I love, more than anything in this world.

gafencu mohlia flagship k11 infinity flower luxury gifting

Who is Mohlia for and what makes your products unique?
We have a lot of different facets to our brand — we’re not just selling long-lasting flowers anymore – we do luxury gifting and collaborate with big global and local names to give customers the bespoke high-end gifting experience.

Mohlia is for anybody in the world. We are a global brand that ships to 93 different countries and provides customised gifting options for clients of different genders and age groups.

So, whether it’s something quirky and unique like a pet shrimp in an aquarium or something more standard like your everyday teas and candles, or a forefront pushing innovation like CBD products – we like to cater to different tastes and styles. Thinking of gift options for a colleague, a buddy, your best friend, or even yourself — we’re great with ideas and options for absolutely anybody.

 gafencu mohlia flagship k11 infinity flower simran mohinani

You’ve just launched your flagship store in K11 Musea, what can we expect with the opening of the new location?
With our new location, we have taken everything to the next level. There are plenty of surprises waiting for our loyal and potential new customers, a slew of new limited-edition products, exclusive deals and several new brands available in the store. It truly warms my heart to be working with the most incredible people and the most fascinating products every single day.

We’ve worked with several luxury brands like Fortnum and Mason, Patchi, Sugarfina, Malabar Baby, Milk It Baby and Lekker Stuff CBD. Now, we have exciting collaborations with Kush Crystals, an amazing crystal-based skincare brand, Aspala tea, artisan fragrance creators The Blomstre and vegan and cruelty-free artisanal candle brand Clair De Lune, who makes uniquely shaped candles.

On top of that, we are also have been constantly putting out great products from Anvi Candles and Moana Shrimps, which are literally tiny pet shrimps swimming around in an aquarium.

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