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New Netflix shows to binge in 2021

The New Year has rolled in but with social distancing measure still firmly in place, what can you do with all that free time? Binging on some of the hottest new shows perhaps? From a romantic period-piece with a modern twist to a glamorous reality show of rich Asians in LA, these are the Netflix original series to binge on this month.

New Netflix shows to binge in 2021 bridgerton


Insanely popular Netflix original series Bridgerton has been viewed by more than 63 million households in less than a month. Set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, the story follows Daphne Bridgerton as she navigates the world of high society London, matchmaking and courtship, and fortuitously falls in love with the Duke of Hastings. Based on the best-selling romance novels by Julia Quinn, producer and successful Grey’s Anatomy show runner, Shonda Rhimes can be credited for the modern twists and smart quips added to make the show so enjoyable.

Must-watch Netflix original series gafencu magazine room 2806 - the accusation

Room 2806: The Accusation

In 2011, a sexual assault case made headlines across the globe. The charge made by a New York hotel maid was against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, also known as DSK, then head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and a favoured French presidential candidate. The case involved three months of investigation, lawsuits and court hearings which international media followed every step of the way creating one of the most biggest controversy of sexual assault that led to his eventual resignation from the IMF and presidential election. 

Must-watch Netflix original series gafencu magazine the queen's gambit

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a gripping coming-of-age story of an orphaned prodigal-chess player, Beth Harmon, set in 1960s. The show follows her rise to stardom at a young age and also tracks her struggles with substance abuse. Though the show is comprised of well-written characters, it is the charm and elegance of its female lead, played by Ann Taylor-Joy, that arguably carried the show to fame. The limited-series is a peek into the lesser-known competitive world of chess, though you don’t have to like chess to enjoy this show. 

Must-watch Netflix original series gafencu magazine bling empire

Bling Empire

For those who have been waiting for another Asian representation of the glamorous lifestyle that the film Crazy Rich Asians brought to the big screen, look no further than Bling Empire. Scheduled to release on 15th January, this reality show will give the notorious Kardashians a run for their money. A backstage pass to the fabulous parties and drama-filled lifestyle of the wildly wealthy young Asians of LA is sure to entertain and as the series follows four billionaire and social media sensations: Jamie Xie, Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim. 

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