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Skin Deep: Five non-invasive beauty treatments to try instead of Botox

Those entertaining the idea of a face lift need not go under the knife or splurge on a Botox procedure when there are non-invasive (and minimally-invasive) treatments that can provide a natural and curiously high-tech alternative to beauty treatments that improve the colour, texture and firmness of the facial skin while treatment any specific aesthetic concerns one might have. Here are five non-invasive treatments  to try instead of Botox…

1. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
A non-invasive therapeutic treatment, also known as photofacial, that uses light energy to target certain areas of the skin — gently heating up unwanted cells, reducing dark spots, skin discolorations, and rejuvenate the cells while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Microcurrent facial therapy
A non-invasive low-voltage electric-therapy that stimulates the facial muscles and encourage the increase of anti-ageing protection, collagen and elastin production for firmer and more defined skin. Much like a work-out for the face.

3. Ultherapy (HIFU)
A non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy that uses non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat up the muscle and fat tissues underneath the dermis to increase the flow of blood or lymph, promote collagen production and give the face a natural lift.

4. Mesotherapy
A minimal-invasive technique that uses a micro-needle to inject vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant-based extracts and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and tighten skin, promote elastin and collagen production and in some cases, removes excess fat.

5. Cosmetic Acupuncture
A minimally-invasive facial therapy that uses hair-fine thin needles to gently puncture specific pressure points in the face to boost blood circulation, decrease redness, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and other aesthetic benefits.

Where to go:

Cosmetic Central
Located in the heart of Central, its Medical Aesthetic Laser Department claims to offer the best-in-class technologies and U.S. FDA approved laser, radiofrequency (RF) and HIFU machines.

Consultation fee: HK$1,800
Services: Laser and RF treatment (from HK$6,800 /session) , HIFU treatment (from HK$55,000 /session)
Contact: +852 2806 2829

OT&P Healthcare
The surgeons at this medical center specialise in a wide range of aesthetic procedures including non-invasive to minimally-invasive treatments such as laser treatment and derma fillers.

Consultation fee: HK$1,800
Services: Laser and RF treatment (from HK$6,800 /session) , HIFU treatment (from HK$55,000 /session)
Contact: +852 2526 9886 

Prestige Medical Skin & Laser Centre
The team of specialist dermatologists and doctors at this medical clinic are said to provide quality and comprehensive care in the form of aesthetic treatment including dermatological laser and Intense Pulsed Light treatments.

Consultation fee: HK$3,000
Services: IPL treatment (from HK$1,000 /session)
Contact: +852 2234 9339

Skin Central
Providing a comprehensive list of medical and cosmetic dermatological services, this clinic team of  Specialists in dermatology and advanced technological equipment provide treatments such as laser and mesotherapy to improve skin health and aesthetics.

Consultation fee: HK$ 1,500
Services: Laser treatment (HK$7,500 /session) , Mesotherapy (HK$3,500 /first 10 sessions)
Contact: +852 2901 1281

The Ying Clinic
Dr. Ying Shun Yuen, Clement is a plastic surgeon with 15 years experience in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, also providing non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as HIGU and IPL.

Consultation fee: HK$ 1,600
Services: HIFU treatment (HK$35,500 /session); IPL treatment (from HK$4,500)
Contact: +852 2868 2184

Balance Health
An oasis of all things well-being, this wellness hub offers a wide range of therapeutic mediation as well as traditional chinese medicine treatments including facial acupuncture.

Consultation fee: HK$500
Services: Facial acupuncture (HK$1,000)
Contact: +852 2530 3315

Integrated Medicine Institute
A reputable medical center with several specialist departments that focus on natural therapeutic treatments including facial acupuncture through traditional chinese medicine

Consultation fee: HK$1,500
Services: Facial acupuncture (HK$1,250)
Contact: +852 2523 7121


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