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Sole Benefits: Digital running commentary from Nurvv Run insoles

A veritable plethora of wearable tech has flooded the fitness market over recent years, with everything from watches to pants proudly offering to display your weight, reveal your secret sleep statistics or monitor your heart rate. Now, though, a newly-launched, particularly smart gadget targeted at runners is aiming to take things several steps further, with its manufactures claiming it can measure everything from cadence to stride length to pronation (the rolling of the foot as it hits the ground).

Nurvv Run insoles for avid runners

The product in question – the Nurvv Run insole – is the debut offering from Nurvv, a UK-based fitness technology company. The thinking behind it is simple – just slide a smart insole into your shoe and connect it to your phone via a bespoke app. Once you start running, the app tracks your strides in real time via its array of 32 sensors. Once you’re all lapped out, the Run system then analyses your running style and provides useful tips as to how to improve. It also tracks your workout frequency, going so far as to suggest rest days in order to avoid over-exercising.

Nurvv Run insoles tech

Priced at US$300 per pair, though, the benefits of Nurvy Run don’t come cheap, particularly if you jog just occasionally. For those serious about running, though, these insoles and you could soon become fast friends.

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