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Oriental Watch Company X Madame Fù Presents: Take Your Time – Savour the Moment

Hong Kong’s very own home-grown watch retailer, Oriental Watch Company, celebrates its 60th anniversary as a prominent and highly respected influence in the watchmaking industry for the last six decades.

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As any timekeeper would dictate, 60 is a number that symbolises both the end, as well as beginning of time. With that, the company pays homage to its Diamond Jubilees, a memorable milestone for the brand.

“We are delighted to explore and rethink the meaning of time with our partners, our friends and the public while celebrating our Diamond Jubilee”, says Managing Director of Oriental Watch Company Dennis Yeung.

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Priding itself as a company that excels in every aspect of expertise, services and business, the brand honours its roots to the city through the thematic collaboration with chic contemporary Cantonese dining space Madame Fù and award-winning local artist Sim Chan; set right in the heart of the heritage complex of Tai Kwun, Central.

From 22 November to 10 December, diners will be treated to a multi-sensory gourmet experience that combines a delectable feast, an opulent venue and an artistic installation, The Discovery of Time ~ 1961.

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This collaboration serves as the perfect partnership to reflect the brand’s philosophy of merging tradition with the new to deliver the best of the West and the East together. Presenting a 6-course menu, meticulously designed by Kit Liao, Head Chef of Madame Fù: (1) Golden Years; (2) Diamond Jubilee; (3) Precious Memories; (4) Green Celebration; (5) Blessed Longevity; and (6) Sweet Moments, each dish embodies the essence of the theme, Take Your Time – Savour the Moment, while showcasing the painstaking unity of art and time.

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Showcased in the background, artist Sim Chan presents creatively illustrates his reflection of the essence of time by painting the grids of 365 squares that represent each day of the 12-months, Chan has painted a swatch of colour on each grid, one day at a time, over the span of 30 days, producing a 12 canvases of unique gradients as the metaphor for the passing of time.

Each guest will receive the Art Canvas Tote Bag presented with a printed pattern of squares, representing the month of November 2021, as a commemorative gift  for their own keepsake.

Reserve a table at Madame Fù, 3rd Floor,Tai Kwun, No. 10 Hollywood Road, Central; (852) 2114




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