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Acqua di Parma: Signatures of the Sun

Italian luxury label Acqua di Parma has epitomised the art of perfume-making for over a century now, with its master scent crafters having long perfected the artisanal process of selecting the finest ingredients to compose the most vibrant olfactory aromas.

Perhaps the most outstanding fragrance collection within its considerable back catalogue is the Signatures of the Sun, sun-filled aromatic interpretations of precious ingredients that range from camelia and yuzu to sakura. The essence of the collection is best expressed by Laura Burdese, Acqua di Parma’s President and CEO, who expounds: “For over a century, Acqua di Parma has created fragrance blends that vibrate with emotions and tell unique and surprising stories. Signatures of the Sun is the utmost expression of our art of perfume, an art that turns light and discovery into its expressive tones.”


Now, the renowned high-end brand has pulled back the curtain on the newest addition to this illustrious line– Osmanthus. Taking its name from the small yet headily-scented flower of the same name, it’s one that has long been described as the ‘flower of happiness’ in Asia.

Acqua di Parma distils the purest and most valuable essence of the osmanthus and enhances it into a fragrance that brings out in it a bright new elegance. Warm and sensuous with hints of peony, ambrette and patchouli , Osmanthus will add a radiant lightness to any day.

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