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Rebecca Chung on female empowerment and self-love

Rebecca Chung on female empowerment and self-love

From music teacher to beauty maven, High Society Skin Clinic’s Rebecca Chung turns treatment rooms into safe havens

What makes your beauty clinics stand out?

No matter at Princess Brows or High Society Skin Clinic, we show our love and support to our clients. We don’t practise hard sell like many other establishments in Hong Kong. This is also based on my own experience: hard selling is so common place at beauty clinics in the city that quite often clients are pushed to buy treatments they don’t need.

Instead, we encourage clients to open up to us and talk about their problems to relieve themselves of that emotional burden. In each treatment room, we have a mirror where we place inspirational quotes and positive affirmations to inspire and remind our clients of their own beauty. Thus, they can walk out feeling happy and confident in their own skin and body. We realise that our clients are so stressed from their day-to-day life that they tend to forget to take care of themselves. We want to create a safe, stress-free space of relaxation and joy.

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Could you share your perspective on today’s beauty trends in Hong Kong?

K-Pop and K-Beauty are rapidly growing in popularity, and we have noticed a demand for more V-shaped faces. At High Society Skin Clinic, we provide HIFU [high-intensity focused ultrasound] skin-tightening treatments to achieve this look.

Clients can see immediate results after one session, and zero downtime which is ideal for Hong Kongers as they are so busy and want to look good after one session! We also provide Emsculpt NEO [non-invasive body shaping] and Emtone [non-invasive cellulite reduction and skin tightening] for a more toned-looking body.

Any advice for a quick confidence boost?

Self-love is really important, especially in trying times such as the last two years of the Covid pandemic. People are stressed – from work and from everyday life. Many people suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and mental illness and may not be aware of it.

I encourage them to talk to their friends, to a professional, or spend some time at High Society Skin Clinic. Freely expressing yourself is cathartic and allows you to restore your confidence.

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“I already have all my permanent makeup on, so basically, I don’t have to do makeup every day; I can just wake up and walk out like this”

Tell us more about Glowagen.

Glowagen is an edible wellness brand that I started in 2020 somewhat by chance. I had found manufacturers in Australia and Japan that made supplements that focus on health and wellness, which is something I advocate.

The brand has an array of products from NAD+ supplements [nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide for brain-cell health] to anti-ageing and collagen drinks. We also have supplements for breast health, especially for breastfeeding mothers, and skin whitening.

What’s your daily beauty and self-care regimen?

I already have all my permanent makeup on, so basically, I don’t have to do makeup every day; I can just wake up and walk out like this. On the rare occasions I do apply makeup, it is to attend an interview or event or go to dinner.

My daily skincare consists of a cleanser, serum, face cream and sunblock. I love Swiss products! My current favourites are my own formulations, the Rebecca Sylverster White Truffle Recovery Serum and the Vampire Magic Mask, as well as Cellcore and La Prairie products.

As for my self-care routine is going to High Society Skin Clinic and doing a session of NEO Emsculpt treatment. It burns fat and saves time, as it only lasts 30 minutes. To relax my mind, I like doing stretching and jogging. I also enjoy swimming with the family.

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What attracted you to medical tattooing?

The medical tattooing we do at Princess Brows is a means to empower women and help give them their confidence back. We provide a range of services from recreating areolas on women who underwent breast surgery and hair strokes on areas such as the eyebrows for people with alopecia, to covering up skin imperfections such as under-eye dark circles, stretch marks and vitiligo.

When I launched the brand a decade ago, I was doing semi-permanent eyebrow and eyeliner treatments. At the time, beauty practices were still a little old-fashioned. Traditional cosmetic tattooing was done with minimal safety and hygiene standards. It was quite common to see practitioners doing these tattoos with no gloves or sensitisation, and there were practically no professional beauty academies teaching proper ways of executing these treatments.

That did not sit right with me, so I looked for better pathways and decided to go abroad to learned more about microblading, cosmetic and medical tattooing. I discovered that these techniques can go beyond perfecting beauty and become a way to empower and restore confidence.

Then, noticing that most microblades used in cosmetic tattooing in Hong Kong were made in China and undergo minimal sterilisation, I started The House of PMU, a series of high-quality semi-permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lipliner pigments made in Germany to ensure a high standard of safety and hygiene. We provide precision microblades to carry out safe, sanitary treatments responsibly. The best part is that our pigments come in a range of custom-made colours dedicated to the Asian market.

High Society Skin Clinic opened a new flagship branch this April. What’s next for you?

We have been lucky to be able to expand High Society Skin Clinic within the same building as our previous venue. We now take up an entire floor, affording a larger space and upgrading our technology, equipment and machines to give our clients a more comfortable experience and the best services.

We have been able to franchise G.E.L. Lashes [next-generation eyelash lifting] in more than seven countries worldwide. In the near future, we would like expand to retail and hopefully open more stores in popular shopping malls. We have also expanded our supplement brand, Glowagen, to Watson’s across the city and hope to move to China and beyond soon.

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“We place inspirational quotes and positive affirmations [on the mirrors] to inspire and remind our clients of their own beauty”

Tell us about your childhood and how you realised your passion for beauty.

My childhood in Hong Kong was pretty average; I grew up just like any other local girl. I studied at local schools and learned how to play the piano. I started teaching music at the age of 15 and for more than 10 years I enjoyed it, but I also came to the point when I was ready for a change.

Beauty and fashion have always been passions of mine. I remember that I used to love playing with Barbie dolls, doing their makeup and getting them dressed. I started doing semi-permanent makeup treatments as a hobby, but never thought I could make it into a career until I was 30 and decided to pursue it seriously. Shifting my career path, I decided to create something of my own and launched Princess Brows in 2011.

At the time, Hong Kong didn’t have too many semi-permanent makeup practitioners, so I was keen to learn various techniques and styles of cosmetic and medical tattooing. Then, once Princess Brows was up and running, I realised that there are so many other avenues for creativity and innovation in the beauty industry. In 2018, I expanded my business with High Society Skin Clinic, where we offer body contouring and hair-removal treatments with the intention to foster empowerment and confidence in one’s own healthy, happy body.

Who is the person you look up to the most? Any personal heroes?

My husband! He takes care of me, my family and my business. We actually started this business together. Though he has a job of his own, he used his spare time to take care of the finances, and basically did the things I didn’t want to do! I am really lucky to have someone who gives me unconditional support and trust, and is able to take care of the family. He takes my son to school every day and cooks for me, too!

Finally, if you could pass down anything to your children, what would it be?

Definitely not money! The most important thing for me is that my children grow up kind and respectful of other people, no matter their background – that is the most fundamental value I hope to pass on to them.

My children are now four and 14 years old. They don’t know their goals yet, and I, myself, am still trying to figure out how to be the best parent I can be. But I am also blessed to be able to put them in the best schools and trust that the teachers are able to nurture those good values in them as well. 

Thank you.


(Interview by: Roberliza Eugenio; Photographer: Jack Law; Art Direction and Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma; Videographer: Jackie Chan; Hair & make up artist: Angela Shum; Venue: High Society Skin Clinic – Central Branch)

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