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Our phones are damaging our skin: Prevent blue light effects on skin

Blue light can be found anywhere, from sun rays to our computer screens and smartphones. Although blue light has been approved in skin therapy for killing bacteria and removing acne, new research on the effects of blue light have proven to produce signs of premature ageing and damage to skin-repairing cells if exposed to an excessive amount. 

Although our devices let out only a fraction of the sun’s blue light emission, long exposure to blue light can cause premature ageing in the form of what dermatologist, Doctor Sejal Shah explains as, “oxidative stress” and “hyper pigmentation”, which causes wrinkles, dark spots and a loss of collagen. Here are a few ways that we can take better care for our skin to prevent harmful effects of blue light. 

gafencu blue light damages the skin how to prevent it good habits

Build good habits that benefit your skin

A common knowledge in skin care is drinking plenty of water which keeps your body hydrated and improves your skin elasticity. On top of that, because a long exposure to blue light can cause oxidative stress to skin, incorporating antioxidants to your skin care routine and diet can neutralize and promote skin-rejuvenation. 


gafencu blue light damages the skin how to prevent it limit screen time

Reduce blue light exposure

There is no question that our dependency on our devices does subject us to long exposure to blue light. A conscious effort to limit screen time can reduce long exposures to its harmful effects. Especially for those who work at night or have a habit of scrolling through their feed before bedtime, blue light may experience sleep problems which can ultimately deter how our skin effectively absorbs nutrition and minerals. 


gafencu blue light damages the skin how to prevent it skin care

Adapt a skin care routine

A healthy skin care routine including washing your face and applying skin care products with the right ingredients can combat the harmful effects of blue light, such as products with medical grade moisturizer and ingredients containing antioxidants such as cacao and Camilla flower extracts. Doctor Marcelo Antunes advises using mineral-based sunscreens with iron oxides which reflects blue light. 


There is still a need for more research in order to determine the degree of damage blue light emitted from digital screens can have on our skin. Nevertheless good habits and the right products can help prevent the damage that blue light cause on our skin

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