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Riva 50M: Luxurious new “Race” superyacht unveiled in Ancona

Riva, long regarded as one of the preeminent Italian purveyors of high-end sea-going vessels, recently added an exciting new creation to its prestigious back catalogue when it unveiled its largest-ever design – the new Riva 50M superyacht.

New Riva 50M Race

Nicknamed “Race”, the gorgeous vessel was recently unveiled with much fanfare by the Riva Superyachts Division at the beautiful Adriatic city of Ancona. Boasting a length of 50m and a maximum beam of 9m, the Riva 50M oozes sophistication and elegance through every pore. This, of course, is thanks in large part to the stunning interiors and exteriors crafted by Officina Italiana Design in conjunction with Riva’s own in-house team.

Riva 50M Race exterior

A masterpiece of nautical engineering, the new superyacht is the realisation of the dream of brand founder Carlo Riva, whose famous ’60s and ’70s-era Caravelle and Atlantic steel motor yachts are still lauded for their innovation and aesthetics.

Riva 50M Race in Venice

Taking its inspiration from these iconic designs, the Riva 50M has painstakingly merged their DNA with a wholly modern appeal, furnishing it with cutting-edge technologies and the ultimate statements in Italian luxury to make the Race an unmistakably superior ocean-going craft.

Riva 50M Race details

Speaking of its unique appeal, Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group – Riva’s parent company – said: “From the tiniest details to the breath-taking design, this 50m yacht is a treasure of beauty, illuminated by a legendary 177-year history and accompanied by an ultra-contemporary vision of yacht building.”

Riva 50M Race is the brand's biggest superyacht

Discerning nautical explorers can take heart in the fact that the Riva 50M is set to make its official debut in fine style at the Venice Boat Show in June, before making an appearance at the Monaco Yacht Show as well.

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