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Rivamare: Ferretti Group debuts first Riva yacht in Thailand

The leading Italian nautical expert, Ferretti Group, has continued to dominate the shipbuilding industry with the creation of some of the best yachts in the world. The latest chapter of its storied legacy comes in the form of the Rivamare 38, recently launched by Riva, one of the illustrious brands that form the Ferretti Group.


Released just one day before the Thailand Yacht show in January this year, Rivamare 38 is the first Riva boat to be unveiled in Thailand, though it has long been lauded for such iconic creations as the Aquarma and Aquariva Super.

For this debut event, the Ferretti Group Asia Pacific collaborated with Lee Marine, a well-established yacht dealer to organise a special celebration at Grand Villa Royal Phuket Marina. Speaking of the smash-hit evening, Stefano De Vivo, the Chief Commercial Officer of Ferretti Group said, “The success of this event and the love for Rivamare confirm the importance of our considerable commercial commitment in Asia Pacific.”


In addition, the Ferretti Group participated in the fifth edition of the Thailand Yacht Show where they featured some iconic yachts including Rivamare and Navetta 33, which is a part of Custom Line, another brand under the group.


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