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Living in Luxury: A closer look at Sansiri’s Khun by Yoo project

As the Chief Creative Officer of Thailand’s leading full-service real estate developer Sansiri, Ou Baholyodhin has great responsibility on his shoulders. He not only looks after the group’s visual identity and customer experience, he is also instrumental in shaping the brand’s overall look and feel, from design and development to marketing and branding. Ahead of the launch of the group’s prestigious Khun by Yoo condominium – which opens its doors come November – he chats with Gafencu about the brand’s mission, vision and its new special project, the Sansiri Luxury Collection.                       

Tell us more about the Sansiri Luxury Collection that is launching later this year.

We’ve created this collection specifically for properties that meet certain criteria, specifically in three areas: refined taste, curated experiences and uncompromising quality. It comprises four projects widely recognised in both local and international markets, the super-luxury flagships: 98 Wireless and Baan Sansiri Pattanakarn, and luxury projects: The Monument Thong Lo and Khun by Yoo, inspired by Starck.

What is your vision for Sansiri in the future? 

I envision us to be above and beyond other property developers because we go beyond just making sure our residents are happy in the future. We always get involved with art and design, and ensure that world-class architects, interior designers and artists work on our properties. It’s the experience that money can’t buy, because these are the people who are often too busy creating palaces around the world, but thankfully, we are able to get them.

Khun by Yoo

Chief Creative Officer of Thailand’s leading full-service real estate developer Sansiri, Ou Baholyodhin

How do your Asian heritage and your work experience in the UK influence your design aesthetics?

Having a good address book and being wellconnected with some of the world’s top talents means that I have access to bring a real wealth of knowledge and expertise that adds value to Sansiri’s projects and properties. 

For the Sansiri Luxury Collection, you have collaborated with some very famous international designers like Gert Voorjans and Phillippe Starck. How was it like collaborating with them?

Nothing good comes easy, these are people whose time is very precious and they know what they like. I think to be able to work with worldclass designers, you have to have complete trust in what they do. If you’ve hired the best, trust and believe in them, because that’s the only way you’ll get the best out of them.

Photos by Sansiri

Why did you choose Phillippe Starck for the Khun by Yoo project?

In the ’80s and ’90s, a day wouldn’t go by without you hearing about the many achievements of Phillippe Starck, he was already considered something of a deity in the field of design in those days. So when we decided to do this project, it was only fit to get a real global superstar to do it. His designs just get stronger and stronger, and his finger is always on the pulse of what modern urban living is all about.

What makes this project so special?

The location is really important, and the great thing about this property is it’s right in the heart of the most happening part of Bangkok.

Thank you.

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