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Eat, Drink & Be Sherry with The Singleton of Glen Ord Signature Sherry Edition

As the oldest of The Singleton distilleries and the only Highlander in the family, The Singleton of Glen Ord Single Malt Scotch Whisky already epitomises all the essence of a pedigree whisky. Now enhancing its desirability even further among whisky lovers is the new The Singleton of Glen Ord Signature Sherry Edition.

Replete with a rich fruity flavour, a golden amber hue and a caramel chocolatey finish, this signature Sherry Cask Edition intertwines flavours from three different casks, under the careful eye of Master Blender Maureen Robinson. Founded in 1838, the iconic Glen Ord distillery slow-crafts the Singleton Signature Sherry Edition with a unique triple cask maturation process that begins with maturing whisky respectively in a fusion of European oak sherry casks and American oak bourbon casks for a long period of fermentation.

The American oak bourbon endows the liquid with rich vanilla, caramel and woody notes, while the European oak sherry adds fruity, bitter notes. After 12 years, these two whiskies are brought together and married in a perfect balance by the Malt Master, who draws upon her 40 years of experience to further mature this selection of ageing whiskies in sherry casks to enhance the rich fruity tasting notes even further. The result is a beverage that’s aromatic, complex and singularly Singleton.

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