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Helpful gadgets to get sound sleep

Sleep is a natural recurring state for the human body and mind. It is the body’s natural way of healing and recovery, which also helps retain information and counter depressive symptoms. Despite a sound sleep’s benefits to health and a happy life, many people experience difficulties getting a good night’s rest, especially in a city like Hong Kong with a hectic pace of life. Poor sleep can lead to depression, memory loss and even high blood pressure and other serious ailments. These health issues underscore the need to remedy the causes of poor sleep quality.


Minimise sleeping difficulties with these helpful gadgets:

Helpful gadgets to get sound gafencu magazinesleep lighting

Smart lighting

The body’s circadian rhythm, also known as the body clock, is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and is often the part of the body that is affected most when using smart devices at night or when jet lagged.

Because the body typically associates sunlight with activity and night with sleep, new lighting technology, notably the Philips Hue White, recreates the rise and setting of the sun. It fades out and turns on to signal the body when it is time to go to sleep or when to wake up. This device synchronizes the mind and body to wake up or rest at the appropriate time.

Helpful gadgets to get sound sleep sleep gafencu magazine tracker

Sleep trackers

Waking up in the middle of the night can be extremely frustrating, especially when fatigued. Analyzing sleep patterns can assist in understanding what interrupts one’s sleep.

Sleep trackers such as the Aura Smart Sleep System and the Lavatech Sleep monitor sleep patterns and provide in-depth analysis on what causes disruptions in sleep. A coaching program is also available to offer tips on how to sleep better.

Helpful gadgets to get sound sleep gafencu magazineelectric oil diffuser

Electric Oil Diffusers

Even if the body is very exhausted, the mind is programmed to pick up cues from the environment which is a natural survival instinct. There are many subtle distractions inside the bedroom that make falling asleep difficult. 

Electric oil diffusers like the VITRUVI’s White Stone Diffuser emits aromatic oils, such as lavender, clary sage and chamomile, in the air which prompts the body to relax.

Helpful gadgets to get sound sleep gafecu magazine bed warmer

Body temperature regulator

Changes in room temperature cause discomfort, prompting one to toss and turn in bed as the need to adjust the temperature arises.

It’s a challenge to get the right temperature while sleeping, but experts say this is key to getting a good night’s rest. With smarter technology, sleeping aids are now available, notably gadgets like the Embr Wave Bracelet, a smart bracelet that cools or warms the body or the OOLER Sleep System, a bed warmer which adjusts temperature via a simple phone app.

Helpful gadgets to get sound sleep gafencu magazine feature

Professional advice

Sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, insomnia and restless leg syndrome are symptoms of underlying conditions such as mineral deficiencies, weight problems and other fundamental health issues. In such cases, it is best to seek the professional advice of a doctor or a sleep expert to understand the causes of restless nights.


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