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Social Restrictions Kick In: Things you can still do in Hong Kong

While galleries, events and dinner service all stand cancelled following the government’s latest directive to nip the rising Covid cases in the bud, it’s not all gloom and doom for the next two weeks. We’ve curated a list of things you can still safely do in Hong Kong whilst abiding the official guidelines on Covid: 

 1. Join a cooking workshop

gafencu Skills to pick up to expand your horizons baking

Try your hand at creating something from scatch at K11’s ABC Cooking Studio, where you can choose from a variety of courses, from baking cookies and cake to making pasta. Gather a small group of 2 to 3 people or sign up for a private class to live out your dream as a gourmet expert. 

For more information, click here and here

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2. Find your center

2021 lifestyle trends gafencu magazine at-home workout online

While gyms and fitness centres have hit pause on their services, several top personal trainers have already turned to online classes. Do not let your fitness gains hit a slump, in fact make the most of your at-home exercise session with a smashing 1:1 class with integrative healing and wellness coach Anita Cheung, or join a live streaming, fat-busting session with top local trainer Trixie Velez at Defin8 Fitness

For more information, click here and here.

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3. Attend an online wine / cocktail masterclass

To meet the demands and curiousities of the thousands of epicureans in the city, Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival has launched its permanent online masterclasses for convenient access to the many food and wine experts in the Hong Kong. From on-air wine tastings to the art of pairing food and wine to a special hojicha cocktail workshop. Don’t miss out!

For more information, click here

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4. Take a stroll into nature

Traverse the many beautiful, forested hiking trails in Hong Kong or cycle through the stretch of seaside cycling paths for a change of scenery. Although the much anticipated Hong Kong Cyclothon stands cancelled, there’s no reason to not pedal away those blues in the greens! A solid mental health boost is all we need. 

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5. Camp under the stars

gafencu camping gadgets for outdoors

Cruise to nowhere cancelled? Spa-cation not in service? Go glamping under the stars or set up your own tent with the family in the middle of nowhere. Waking up to roasted marshmallows and a piping hot cuppa sounds like all the mental peace we need right now. Check out our guide to unique staycations for the family here. Remember to observe all the social distancing rules because there are still “at least three transmission chains in Hong Kong at the moment”. 

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Disclaimer: While Gafencu tries to keep up to date with the latest restrictions, the situation in the city is rapidly changing. Contact the establishments to make sure you get the latest information of opening hours and services before venturing out. Follow all government directives when you’re out and about.)

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