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Splendid Isolation: World’s most expensive private islands

No man is an island. So said English poet John Donne. But when it comes to being pampered on our own exclusive island, there’s a certain cachet that appeals to many of us. There’s a certain fascination throughout time for individuals being on alone on their own deserted island – even if they are marooned there.

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu six senses

(Photo courtesy of Six Senses Zil Payson)

Robinson Crusoe is a case in point. He was the original, castaway stuck on a remote island in Daniel Defoe’s sixteenth-century novel. In this captivating tale, Crusoe battled cannibals and pirates before eventually being rescued. Then there’s Paul Gauguin. The French impressionist painter who decided to shack up in a hut with a Tahitian beauty on a remote island, where he found the peace of mind to produce his best work – and a catalogue of masterpieces.

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu banwa island resort

(Photo courtesy of Banwa Private Island)

There comes a time when we’d all like to make our own great escape, to seek our own inspiration or simply recharge. But why book a fancy suite or villa when you can rent out an entire private island for your next ultra-luxury vacation? Gafencu takes a look at the priciest, most exclusive islands that you can head to for a truly once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

For sheer indulgence, here are five of the most sumptuous private islands available for your delectation.

Velaa Private Island, the Maldives
Sleeps: 80
Price: US$1.8 for six nights exclusive booking (HK$141 million)

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu velaa private island

(Photo courtesy of Velaa Private Island)

Situated as part of the gob-smackingly beautiful Maldives – on Noonu atoll – Velaa Private Island is a 45-minute seaplane flight from the Maldivian capital of Malé. The brainchild of Czech financier Jirí Smejc, this luxury resort and spa offers villas – many of which hover over the water – in addition to four-bedroom residences, each with a private infinity plunge pool and spa room. But the pièce de résistance is the exclusive Romantic Pool Residence – accessible only by boat and including its own al fresco dining gazebo. The island also boasts ample opportunities to snorkel or dive at its picturesque coral reef where dolphins often frolic.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Félicité Island, Seychelles
Sleeps: 20
Price: €330,000 for one week (HK$2.72 million)

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu six senses zil payson

(Photo courtesy of Six Senses Zil Pasyon)

Part of the Seychelle’s 115-island archipelago in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this wonderful escape is built on a rugged, yet stunningly beautiful, granite base. At one of the luxury islands 28 one-bedroom pool villas, this retreat represents the ultimate romantic experience. Be lulled into a state of bliss with the sound of ocean waves breaking gently on the shore. There are also two-, three- and four-bedroom villas set in splendid seclusion among verdant tropical vegetation – all offer sweeping views across the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands
Sleeps: 30-34
Price: US$87,500 per night (HK$690,000)

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu necker island resort

(Photo courtesy of Necker Island)

It’s hardly surprising that eccentric-but-brilliant entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, would buy his own private getaway – and in 1978 that’s exactly what he did with the purchase of Necker Island. At the time uninhabited, he built it from the ground up. Nestled cosily in the Caribbean, about 100 km from Puerto Rico, this little piece of paradise has everything for the perfect luxury escape from the rat race. Promoting itself as perfect for weddings and celebrations, it consists of luxurious Balinese-style guest rooms, all offering superb views. The island can be booked exclusively for large groups, families or couples.

Banwa Private Island, the Philippines
Sleeps: 48
Price: US$45,000 per night (HK$353,000)

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu Banwa Private Island philippines

(Photo courtesy of Banwa Private Island)

This sumptuous slice of paradise is situated in the idyllic locale of Palawan – just a two-hour plane ride from Manila. When Banwa Private Island was launched to much fanfare in 2019 it was hailed as the “world’s most expensive island” at US$100,000 per night. But it has recently slashed its price to the “bargain” rate of US$45,000 per night. Regardless, this most luxurious of resorts features half a dozen ocean-fronted beach villas, butler service, Jacuzzis, and infinity pools – accompanying 12 garden rooms with commanding views of the island. This cosy getaway comes with everything from spas to elevated bar lounges, right through to private yachts ready for charter and a lazy day exploring the pristine waters that surround the island.

Musha Cay, Bahamas
Sleeps: 39
Price: US$39,000 per night (HK$306,000)

Splendid Isolation World's most expensive private islands gafencu musha cay

(Photo courtesy of Musha Cay)

Situated in the tropical paradise that is the Bahamas, this strip of heaven is owned by American illusionist David Copperfield – who put US$50 million of his considerable wealth to very good use indeed. Who said magic doesn’t pay? The illusionist’s resort is comprised of five expansive villas and “The Landings”. This is a spacious, amply windowed building with views to the pier and doubling as both restaurant and guest clubhouse. There’s a long communal table in the dining area, an open-air breakfast space, and a number of magic-themed touches – including vintage magic posters and a full-sized pool table that reportedly once belonged to the ultimate of all escape artists, Harry Houdini.

Note: Prices, capacity and accommodation arrangements were correct at the time of publication. Check the island websites for the most up to date information.

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