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SQRDUP: Up your golfing accuracy with this handy little gadget

As one of the Professional Golf Association of America’s former Teachers of the Year, you’d expect Dr Jim Suttie to know a thing or two about putter best practices while having a nice line in nine-iron improvement techniques. When he chooses to give his blessing to a new gadget – SQRDUP – said to guarantee an upswing to your golf game, you’re going to take him seriously, then, even if you suspect he might have been bunged a few dollars by the manufacturers to exercise his endorsement in their general direction.

SQRDUP helps improve your golf swing

While bearing this unworthy reservation in mind, the good doctor certainly seems smitten with this particular golf alignment aid, the latest in on-green training technology from the eponymous Georgia-based sports technology specialist. Addressing its many benefits, Suttie explains: “Research has proven that 85 percent of golf swing learning is visual. This being the case, the SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job of giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching.”

SQRDUP is a handy gadget that improves your golfing accuracy

Blimey. He certainly seems to be convinced. If you share this eminent golfologist’s belief that laser alignment technology is the best way to improve your swing, then you can pick up SQRDUP’s debut product for just US$189, which also gets you a tripod, a power cable and a carrybag. 

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