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Hottest SS20 Looks: Turn up the heat with these flirtatiously femme fads (Part 1)

Dazzling patterns, flirtatious silhouettes and a kaleidoscope of colours – the world’s leading haute couture houses have embraced the onset of spring with a smorgasbord of sartorial statement pieces that applaud the multifaceted persona of the modern woman. From tropical prints and shimmering fabrics to ’60s-era tweed power suits and glamorous gowns, these SS20 collections are sure to find favour with any discerning fashionista. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best of Spring / Summer 2020…

SS20 looks - Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

Mix-and-match stands as the central conceit of Bottega Veneta’s Spring / Summer 2020 collection. Be it the pairing of a sequined orange dress with a more masculine trench, or accentuating the beach-chic appeal of a tank top and pleated skirt with an oversized intrecciato hobo bag, every versatile look embodies an adventurous spirit that imparts a playful yet sophisticated air.

SS20 looks - Chanel


In a masterful display of textures, fabrics and colours, Chanel’s first post-Karl Lagerfeld line deftly transports you on a journey through time. From its iconic ’60s tweed ensembles and ‘80s all-denim outfits to futuristic silvery accents and accessories, its SS20 collection stands as a tribute to the sartorial trends of yesteryear while giving a respectful nod to the fashion inspirations yet to come.

SS20 looks - Chloé


Embracing a palette of more restrained rustic, earthy hues, Creative Director Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s SS20 collection is nevertheless entrancing. A master class in the art of utilising fabrics, textures and layers to accentuate the female form, the impact of each ensemble is heighted by the judicious addition of chunky jewellery and handbags of every shape and size.

SS20 looks - Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Welcome to the jungle – the Sicilian jungle to be precise. This season, Dolce & Gabbana has embraced a more feral, visceral design style, swathed in tropical motifs, animal prints and floral conceits. Countering conventional wisdom, its multi-layered, multi-textured, multi-printed creations are aggressive, and unapologetically loud, bringing an inescapable aura of the outré onto the runway.

SS20 looks - Dior


Exemplying a playful springtime appeal is Dior, with its new Spring / Summer 2020 collection a joyous celebration of nature’s rebirth. Monochrome designs and sheer silhouette-hugging dresses contrast with funky tie-dye prints and even a show-stopping, eye-popping rainbow floor-length gown, but are all interwoven with an abiding love of Mother Nature.

SS20 looks - Fendi


In the post-Lagerfeld era, Creative Director Venturini Fendi has turned to languid Italian summer evenings for inspiration in her SS20 line. Boasting attention-grabbing outfits for every occasion, the casual beach chic of risque bralettes and sheer skirts stand in sharp contrast to the more formal, structured coats and suits. Interspersed throughout is an eclectic array of adorable handbags.

SS20 looks - Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Taking “Earth” as his central motif this season, Giorgio Armani’s unquestionable love of structured lines has been wholly tempered with a softer, flowier feel. This sees layered suits and big-shoulder designs give way to a treasure trove of flirtatiously feminine gowns ranging from a leaf-print sequined strapless number to a glorious aquatic-inspired blue dress with oversized ruffles.

SS20 looks - Givenchy


To say Creative Director Clare Waight Keller’s SS20 collection is a study in colours and cuts would be putting it mildly. Fringes, ruffles, and pleats run rampant throughout, while scarlet reds and verdant greens play off of more sombre beiges, blues and whites. It’s a testament to her skill that despite such a riot of themes, the entire collection still remains languidly feminine and relaxed.

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