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Tank Topper: Mesmerizing jellyfish aquarium

Italian developer Cubic Aquarium has unveiled another mesmerizing aquatic home display. The Pulse 160 jellyfish tank is a luxury home accessory that is suited for display in commercial spaces as well as at home.

tank topper mesmerizing jellyfish aquarium pulse 160

The aquarium was designed to simplify the maintenance and filter replacement, making it easy to set up by an experienced or new owner of a jellyfish tank. Its high-quality SICCE filtration pump provides an optimal environment for its marine occupants. The Italian-designed pump was designed to perform with excellence and silence, making the aquatic display ideal for the home. The aquarium elegantly measures 50.5inch x 11inch x 23.5inch, making it large enough to house 15 large jellyfish of various species, including exotic types such as the lion’s manes. Made with a 100percent cast acrylic and 10mm thick external frame, its outer design highlights the mesmerizing color-changing LED light system installed within. Adjustable via radio remote control, you can match its light to suit any time of the day.

tank topper mesmerizing jellyfish aquarium pulse 160 1

Most impressive is its external connections that allow for the flexibility to add extra filtration to the system when needed, such as a chiller and inline heater. It also allows the option to connect more than one aquarium to the same external filter which can be easily adjusted via the radio remote control.


Priced at US$3,299, the modern and minimalistic-designed Pulse 160 is built to order and provides a tranquil ambiance to any room in the house or office space. 

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