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TecknoMonster brings aerospace tech to the world of luxury luggage

The world of high-end lifestyle accessories has just taken a giant leap into the future thanks to the innovative vision of Italian marque, TecknoMonster. Developed by genius designer Giacomo Valentini, it blends the avant garde stylings and ergonomics of aerospace design with the much-lauded traditions of Italian handcraftsmanship. The end result is an enormous success, spawning countless luxury lifestyle products that perfect blend form and function, while proffering even more durability and security than ever before.

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Valentini himself hails from a family of designers that have a 160-year industrial history in North Italy. Having completed stints in the worlds of fashion and industrial design, he then turned his attention to the world of luggage-making and discovered that, while trends have come and gone, the overarching design ethos of luggages have remained almost unchanged since the ’70s. “There was a need for an upgrade”, explains Valentini, “something to link to the new era.”

TecknoMonster founder Giacomo Valentini

TecknoMonster founder Giacomo Valentini

As founder and designer of TecknoMonster, his goal is to create the most sophisticated accessories for “people that want to be in the new world”. So, his company foregoes traditional materials like leather and aluminium in favour of more robust carbon fibre and titanium for its luggage designs.

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Through his groundbreaking research in material development, Valentini has also pioneered techniques that allow the inclusion of hitherto-unusable materials such as wood and enamel in his creations without sacrificing on quality and durability. Beyond that, TecknoMonster also customisation services to its high-end clients. Be it to enhance aesthetics or increase security – the luxury brand offers bulletproofed products as well – no ask is beyond its innovative reach.

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For more information about the brand’s mission, vision and cutting-edge designs, check out our interview with the visionary founder of TecknoMonster below, or visit

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