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Photo of Christina Gaw

Christina Gaw

Managing Principal, Global Head of Capital Markets

After 16 years in investment banking, including at Goldman Sachs and UBS, where she was a managing director, Christina Gaw brought her brothers, Goodwin and Kenneth, a wealth of fund-raising experience when joining them at Gaw Capital Partners. She works closely with limited partners relating to capital raising and new product developments. She also serves as executive director of Pioneer Global Group, is also Independent Non-executive Director of CLP and is a member of the Finance & General and Sustainability Committees.

Photo of Goodwin Gaw

Goodwin Gaw

Chairman and Managing Principal, Gaw Capital Partners

Property investment visionary Goodwin Gaw founded Downtown Properties in the US after getting degrees in civil engineering, finance and construction management. He and his brother, Kenneth, later launched real estate private equity firm, Gaw Capital Partners. His earliest purchase, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, paved the way for investments in commercial buildings, hotels, and shopping centres.

Photo of Kenneth Gaw

Kenneth Gaw

President and Managing Principal, Gaw Capital Partners

Kenneth Gaw’s mathematics and economics skills – he graduated magna cum laude from Brown University – has guided a career in finance and property investment. He began at Goldman Sachs in New York, and after joining the family business, stepped up into the managing role upon the death of his father. His knack with numbers has also contributed to the success of Gaw Capital Partners, where he serves as President.

Photo of Patty Tung Gaw

Patty Tung Gaw

Principal, Director and Product Development Head, Fera International Corp

Former investment banker Patty Tung has roots in textile manufacturing. Her mother, Betty Tung, began Fera ski fashion line over 40 years ago in a corner of her father’s skiwear factory. Now the Southern California-raised, Brown University alum assists her brother Eric, the brand’s President with which offices in LA and Hong Kong. She is also co-owner of activewear brand Ferastyle and is married to financier Kenneth Gaw.

Photo of Damien Green

Damien Green

CEO of Asia Segment Manulife

Damien Green joined Manulife in 2018 as the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for Asia, bringing his extensive knowledge and professional experience in the insurance industry to the company. In 2019, he was appointed as CEO of Asia Segment, replacing Anil Wadhwani who has left the company. Prior to his current position, he held leadership roles across Asia with MetLife, AIA and Australian Super.

Photo of Daniel George Green

Daniel George Green

Managing Director, Arnhold Group

Getting a degree in manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania was a smart move for Daniel Green; his family firm, which dates back to 1866 Canton (Guangzhou), specialises in building materials and engineering equipment. Young Green was an equity analyst in the US before returning to Hong Kong to work with his father, Michael. His brother, Joshua, is in finance, but remains on the Group’s board.

Photo of Joshua Michael Green

Joshua Michael Green

Non-executive Director, Arnhold Group

The oldest son of Michael John Green, Joshua is a Non-Executive Director at Arnhold Group, which they oversee. He is also partner at Alvarium Investments and is Co-head of its Hong Kong subsidiary. Elder son of Michael John Green, chairman of Arnhold Group, 49-year-old Jhoshua is a Non-executive Director of the company. He is partner at Alvarium Investments, an international multi-family office with advisory services and direct investments, and Co-head of its HK subsidiary.

Photo of Keith Griffiths

Keith Griffiths

Chairman, AEDAS

Born in the tiny Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil, Keith has become one of the most famous architects in the world. As Chairman and Design Lead of AEDAS – the mammoth architecture firm he founded – he has designed award-winning projects in the spheres of high-rise, mixed commercial and retail as well as airports and civic structures, including the West Kowloon Train Terminus here in Hong Kong.

Photo of Peter Guenthardt

Peter Guenthardt

Head of Bank of America Asia Pacific Investment banking

Peter Guenthardt has been appointed to run its Asia Pacific investment banking business in Hong Kong following the departure of his fellow co-head for private equity. Guenthardt joined Bank of America in 2014 and was appointed Co-head in 2019 alongside Alex To. He now holds sole responsibility of his role. Prior to his career with Bank of America, he was at UBS for 17 years, leaving his position as Group Managing Director, CEO of UBS Investment Bank Switzerland.