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Photo of Gigi Che-kwanHsin, Pang

Gigi Che-kwanHsin, Pang

Founder and CEO, Jun Enterprise International Ltd

A dedicated social entrepreneur, Gigi devotes her time to help empower underprivileged women through employment and helps local youths showcase their talents. Her company, Jun Enterprise, is committed to promoting embroidery as both a mindful practice and an accessible art for all. She has also served in a number of governmental and non-profit roles, and was awarded the ‘Asian Social Caring Female Leadership Award by Social Enterprise Research Academy.

Photo of Dario Pong

Dario Pong

Founder and Managing Director, Ferro Resources Ltd

Through the company he founded, Ferro Resources Ltd, Dario Pong started out in steel and iron trading before shifting focus to producing magnetic materials. An experienced veteran of the steel industry in China, Hong Kong-based Pong also serves as Executive Director of Shiu Wing Steel. A graduate of Princeton University, his previous roles included acting as a non-executive director of Australia-based Bisalloy Steel Group.

Photo of Helena Pong

Helena Pong

Founder, Supervisor and Principal, Sophie Kindergarten and Nursery School

Helena Pong has put her diploma in early childhood education to good use as the Supervisor and Principal of the Sophie Kindergarten and Nursery School, and as the Director of the Sophie Education Institute. A keen believer in giving back, she also sits on the board of Po Leung Kuk as Director and was formerly the Honorary Vice President of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association until 2021. She is married to Wilson Pong, and the couple have three children.

Photo of Paulo Pong

Paulo Pong

Founder, Altaya Group

Eschewing the family business – Shiu Wing Steel – his grandfather, Pong Ding-yuen, started MIT graduate Paulo Pong began importing wine. His three-pronged group now comprises Altaya Wines, Rare & Fine Wines and the Etc Wine Shops. He also co-founded Classified Group with Arnold Wong, and is a partner in hospitality company, JIA Group. Pongholds the French honour, Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole.

Photo of Wilson Wai-san Pong

Wilson Wai-san Pong

Chairman and Executive Director

Winfull Group Holdings Ltd An alumnus of the University of British Columbia, Wilson Pong has been the Chairman of property development and investment holding company Winfull Group since 2016; he is also the sole shareholder director of its subsidiary, Virtue Partner Group. Elsewhere, Pong is involved with the Community Chest and Yan Oi Tong charities, and has three children with his wife, Helena.

Photo of Dee Poon

Dee Poon

Managing Director (Brands and Distribution), Esquel Group

The stylish daughter of Dickson Poon and Marjorie Yang has inherited her parents’ business acumen, overseeing the brands and distribution of her mother’s textile and apparel company Esquel Group. The Harvard alumnus is also Managing Director and Chief Brand Officer for its retail arm, PYE, and mid-tier brand Determinant, which has produced some 30 million reusable face masks to date.

Photo of Horst Julius Pudwill

Horst Julius Pudwill

Co-Founder and Chairman , Techtronic Industries Group

Self-made billionaire Horst Julius Pudwill started a Hong Kong trading company in 1978, a few years after arriving from his native Germany to sell Volkswagens. Since co-founding TTI in 1985, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power tools and equipment including Hoover vacuum cleaners, he has risen to become the city’s 12th richest person. Pudwill is now semi-retired, with son Stephan Horst as heir apparent.

Photo of Stephan Horst Pudwill

Stephan Horst Pudwill

Vice-Chairman and Executive Director, Techtronic Industries Group

Beginning his career, like his father, Horst Julius Pudwill, in the automotive industry, Stephan Pudwill now occupies the Vice Chair spot at TTI. The University of British Columbia graduate’s previous experience in product marketing and strategic planning at Daimler Chrysler aids in his responsibilities as Vice Chairman. Sustainability is a particular passion of Stephan’s, and he was instrumental in making TTI an industry leader in manufacturing clean power tools and equipment.

Photo of Edwin Pun

Edwin Pun

Director, Keyestone Group

The youngest son of Benson Pun, chairman of Keyestone Properties, Edwin first spent time in consulting, before joining the family’s expansive real estate business. Now, as its Director, he oversees multiple projects, including a mixed-use development with a theme park on the mainland set to open in 2024.