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10 stunning jewellery pieces with carved gemstones

10 stunning jewellery pieces with carved gemstones

Jewellers, the world over, have perpetually been inspired by artists of a bygone era. Carved gemstones are a great example of what can be created when the two worlds collide. While the technique has been around since ancient times, carved gemstones can add an incredible new dimension to the realm of contemporary jewellery.

Historically, gem cutters have carved gemstones with mystical symbols or with inscriptions. The intricate marble carvings on temples such as the Taj Mahal, also provided a great source of inspiration for jewellers. In ancient Greece, stone engraving became popular in the form of deep-cut intaglios while the Romans, Persians and Egyptians turned rough gemstones into carved jewels which were then worn by members of the royal family.   

Today, the jewellery industry taps into the legendary carving technique with the assistance of modern tools to produce an array of high quality contemporary pieces.  From jadeite and emeralds to sapphires and tanzanites, our roundup of stunning jewellery pieces with carved gemstones will inspire you to add a touch of classicism to your modern day ensembles.


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Text: Hira Desai 

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