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Your Guide To Easily Planning A Trip To Anywhere In The World

Your Guide To Easily Planning A Trip To Anywhere In The World

travel-friendly tools

Travelling is certainly the most popularly loved and desired form of recreation. While some people can impulsively pack that bag and go on a vacation to any part of the world, there are travellers who need to plan every single detail of the trip. 

If you fall under the second category, then here is a step-by-step guide and some travel-friendly tools that will help you plan your trip assuming you have already finalised your destination. 

Say all that is too much work for you, then we have also suggested websites that can do all the planning for you.

P.S: You don’t have to be familiar with the place.

travel-friendly tools

Choosing the places to visit

Whether you are interested in the arts and want to check out museums and galleries, or into adventurous activities like zip lining, you want everything you do during your trip to be fun-fullied. That is why planning your itinerary comes with a great perk. You get to cater everything your way.

For this, you can always head to Google Maps or Trip Advisor which will you give you thousands of suggestions on the things you can do. There is a reason these apps are trusted by so many travel fanatics. You can read reviews and decide if the place is actually worth the visit.

Facebook is another brilliant resource. Join a travel group or two, and ask for suggestions there, and people will share their opinions. If you are lucky enough, you may even end up discovering a hidden gem that locals of the city go but tourists overlook.

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travel-friendly tools

Mapping them

Next, it is time to put it all on a map. That way you can cover all the places that are in close proximity in a day or two. One of the best travel-friendly tools to do it is hands down Google My Maps. 

Add the places on your list, and the website will create an interactive and user-friendly map that will allow you to see which spots are close to one another. You will also definitely stumble upon other things you can experience.

Research for important details 

First things first, you need to check the website or social media pages of each location for opening hours and holidays. You don’t want to head to a museum on a Wednesday and find out that it is closed on that day every week.

At this point, you should also check if you need to book any entry tickets, so that once your itinerary is ready you can reserve the tickets if needed.

travel-friendly tools

Create the timeline

Depending on what pace you want your trip to be, and how many days you are at the destination, create a timeline. You may prefer to have a busy and fully-packed schedule or one that is more chill.


If all this planning is just too hectic, it is good that there are websites that will do everything for you. Two excellent travel-friendly tools are Klarna.Trips and Trip Hobo where you only need to enter your destination, and preferences, the site will generate an entire itinerary which you can edit if you wish. 

Now that you have your itinerary ready, book the flights and hotel, and you are all ready to go. Happy Journey!

(Text: Renuka Kennedy)

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