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Abode Well: Living large at Tsim Sha Tsui’s The Masterpiece

As befits a modern, cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has its fair share of skyscrapers. Indeed, there is hardly any area within the Fragrant Harbour – except for its far-flung rural islands – that is completely free of these towering constructions, reaching skywards as far as the eye can see. To some, the heavy density of these structures may foster an image of Hong Kong as a monotonous concrete jungle, with each building indistinguishable from the next as they stand abreast in close quarters.

The Masterpiece 1

Yet, there are some skyscrapers that truly stand out from the rest, set apart by the sheer beauty of their design or the gargantuan scale of their structure. One that surely qualifies as just such an iconic landmark is the rather-aptly-named building complex, The Masterpiece. Located atop the K11 shopping mall, this instantly-recognisable, 261m-tall construction has dominated the skyline of Tsim Sha Tsui since it was built in 2009. While the lower floors house the world’s first Art Mall – the aforementioned K11 – it is the apartments occupying the 27th to the 67th floors of the complex that typifies the crème de la crème of Hong Kong’s booming property market.

The Masterpiece 4

It is within this coveted address that a family of three recently found their home. Taking possession of a spacious 2,969sq.ft-net flat within The Masterpiece, they passed the responsibility of redesigning their beloved new home into the more-than- capable hands of designer Clifton Leung, founder of the eponymous, award-winning Clifton Leung Design Workshop. Explaining his approach, Leung says: “It’s not just about white walls – you have to bring your own favourite works of art, your cherished belongings, your much-loved sofa, your music… You have to transform it through your own very individual presence. Above all, a home should have its own character, and that character should reflect the unique personalities and interests of its residents.”

The Masterpiece 2

In this instance, the residents – in this case, a couple and their young-adult daughter – chose to reflect their personalities through a wide range of bespoke furniture, artworks and curios that adorn every nook and corner of the capacious abode. This sees the living room punctuated with a plush sofa, Bilbao dining chairs by acclaimed Vietnamese designer Quasar Khanh and German artist Caro Jost’s INVOICE PAINTING B.N. (1969). Such refinement extends to the bedrooms as well, with the daughter’s room flaunting a bespoke swivel chair from Sintesi Noa designed by Marcello Ziliani, while the master bedroom is graced with a beautiful moon bed by Noblesse Lifestyle. Representing the moon’s movements with the full moon taking centre stage on the hand-upholstered headboard, it’s a bed that’s as much a work of art as it is a functional furniture.

Both the bedrooms also have their own walk-in closets, with a particularly capacious one custom-built for the master bedroom by co-opting a part of the living room space. By comparison, the closet in the daughter’s bedroom is somewhat smaller, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in style – with a skylight in the ceiling and glass display boxes in the wardrobe, the closet serves as the perfect spot to display the many souvenirs that she has collected from her many travels.

However, the most eye-catching facet of the apartment is its panoramic views of the city. Indeed, the long, curved windows in the living area boast an envious 180-degree view of Victoria Harbour across its entire length. It’s a space that has been enhanced further by fitting custom-designed storage counters along the windows that are both fun and functional, serving a dual purpose of storage space and seating counter.

The Masterpiece 3

While the expansive windows no doubt bestow the communal space with an easy airiness, it’s through the dextrous planning and execution by Leung that the feeling of spaciousness permeates to the bedrooms as well. Take, for example, the daughter’s quarters, which the design team assembled from two smaller rooms that existed in the original configuration. A redundant bathroom, meanwhile, was converted into her very own walk-in closet. This deft utilisation of space to promote a truly luxurious living experience has more than paid off, and indeed resonates with the ambience of the entire abode at The Masterpiece – one where living large is the ideal way of life.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay
Photos: Clifton Leung Design Workshop

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