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Genius Loci: Innovatively customisable kitchen drawers by Valcucine

Superfine Italian kitchen brand Valcucine has garnered a reputation for creating timelessly elegant yet innovative fittings that blend beautiful form with utmost functionality. Subverting the traditional concepts of cabinets, it leads the Italian cabinet design trend, having won such prestigious international awards as the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, ICFF Furniture Award, and the ADI-FAD award.

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Utilising innovative techniques that reinvent traditional artisanal skills, each item in Valcucine’s inventory boasts an innate sensorial luxury. Be it table tops and wall units or hidden drawers and cabinet doors, every design is also highly versatile, affording discerning buyers the ability to create a kitchen space that perfectly matches their unique needs.

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Beautifully embodying this concept of customisability is the high-order series Genius Loci, truly a star turn of the Italian luxury label’s back catalogue. Combining that legendary Italian handcraftsmanship with a variety of precious materials, the results are truly works of art – as exquisite as they are discrete.

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Here, two versions are on offer – a subtle design that sits flush against the kitchen cabinet doors, or in a more contemporary style with the bottom angled out to create a handle and draw attention to its visually arresting tactile surfaces. Those targeting minimalist yet elegant effect can pot for solid-colour options such as distressed copper and sunset titanium. To achieve that ‘wow’ factor, however, Valcucine has an expansive selection of vibrant finishes such as mosaic tiles, marble cube patterns, inlaid wood and carved leaves.

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It is this precision craftsmanship and customisability that saw the Genius Loci product chosen to furnish the kitchen of a one-of-a-kind apartment. The stunning property – developed and sold by property magnate Victor Li of CK Asset Holdings – is located at 21 Borrett Road, and features only the most luxurious fittings on the market.

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To enhance your kitchen experience even further, the Genius Loci series can be paired with Valcucine’s innovative V-Motion kit, which incorporates ingenious motor-driven mechanisms that allow various fittings to open and close with simple hand or foot gestures. Other innovative features include the ability to remotely open and close the tap as well as changing the lighting levels. These and other highlights of the V-Motion system – which affords full control in the kitchen even when your hands are occupied – can be seen in the video above.

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To find out more about Genius Loci, V-Motion, or other standout kitchen fittings created by Valcucine, please visit

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