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Verdura: The Perfect Spot for a Family-Golfing Getaway

Set on the southern Italian island of Sicily, Verdura – UK-headquartered Rocco Forte Hotels’ first golf and spa resort in the region – has an ideal view looking out across the Mediterranean. Perhaps more crucially, it also boasts three luxury golf facilities – two 18-hole courses and one-nine-hole variant – making it the dream destination for the family that likes to tee-off together.


With European Tour Performance Institute also close at hand, it is also the perfect locale to improve your posture and streamline your swing under the expert tutelage of obliging professionals. It additionally delivers access to much of the game-enhancing technology favoured by many of the current generation of peerless pros.


It’s also a resort that has won a number of awards, not least Best Golf Hotel (Italy) at the 2015 World Golf Awards and the Golden Award for Golf at the 2015 Voyages & Hôtels Readers Awards.

Of course, there is more to the resort than just golf, with a range of other five-star experiences – including spa treatments, wine tasting, cooking and mixology classes and a six-day lifestyle wellness programme – also on offer. For the culinary inclined, there’s also an opportunity to be initiated into secrets of the region’s most renowned recipes and to sample some of the finest local produce.


It goes without saying, of course, that all the rooms and amenities are absolutely the last word in comfort, luxury and sheer indulgence.

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