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Vintage revival: The rise of rose gold jewellery

Vintage revival: The rise of rose gold jewellery

A walk around the shopping malls will soon have you realising that rose gold jewellery is back on the scene. Illuminating rings, necklaces, earrings and even watches, we take a look at where this alluring soft pink metal originates from and why luxury jewellery designers are reviving it.

Traced back to Russia in the late 1880s, rose gold was originally known as Russian gold when famed jeweller Carl Fabergé – best known for his Imperial Eggs – began incorporating the copper-infused metal into his designs. It was later used in the 1920s by Cartier, while Tiffany & Co’s collaboration with designer Elsa Peretti in 1970s was also known to feature the pink-hued material.

Vintage revival: The rise of rose gold jewellery

The Imperial Coronation Egg, one of the most famous and iconic of all the Fabergé eggs.

Created by mixing pure gold with copper and a touch of silver, rose gold is ultimately an alloy, rather than a natural metal. Generally, the blend combines 75 percent gold with 21 percent copper and 4 percent silver. While the amounts can vary, the results are ultimately the same with a captivating cool pink alloy which is durable, versatile and compliments most skin tones.

With designers eager to introduce some variety into their otherwise gold and silver collections, rose gold is making an appearance in not only fashion and jewellery but even electronics such as the Apple Watch. From Blake Lively’s unconventional Lorraine Schwartz rose gold engagement ring to the stunning rose gold Cartier jewels worn by actress Priyanka Chopra at the Met Gala 2018, rose gold is well and truly making its presence felt again.

Alluring yet demure and mature yet youthful– rose gold is a medley of contrasts that work together in harmony. With its versatility and popularity, it would appear that rose gold jewellery is here to stay.

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Text: Hira Desai

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