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Vinyl Record-breaking: Top 3 most expensive vinyl records ever sold

With vinyl resurgence now well and truly a thing (see our coverage of this burgeoning social phenomenon here), this once-antiquated music medium has spawned legions of die-hard fanatics who proclaim that something gets lost in translation in the analogue-to-digital transition. But just how far are they willing to go, how much are they willing to pay to own these prized collectibles? Here’s our list of the top 3 most expensive vinyl records ever sold.

The world's most expensive vinyl records

3. The Quarrymen, That’ll Be The Day/In Spite of Anger – US$250,000

Before the birth of worldwide musical sensation, The Beatles, Paul McCartney and John Lennon first cut their singing teeth in a now-little known band called The Quarrymen. So rare are the records created by this group that this particular album is one of a kind. Valued at US$250,000 by Record Collector magazine in 2015, this unique collectible now resides in the private collection of McCartney himself.

This album from pre-Beatles band, The Quarrymen, starts our list of most expensive vinyl records

2. Elvis Presley, My Happiness – US$300,000

As Elvis Presley’s legion of fans will probably be aware, My Happiness was the first song that The King ever recorded. No wonder, then, that this early ‘50s album makes our list of the world’s most expensive vinyl records here. In January 2015, an acetate pressing of the song was bought by The White Stripes rocker, Jack White. The final sale price? US$300,000.

Elvis Presley's My Happiness also makes the cut

1. The Beatles, The Beatles (White Album, No. 0000001) – US$790,000

When The Beatles’ self-titled album was first released, a small number of serial numbered ‘White Album’ versions were distributed to those involved in its production. While already something of a collector’s item, this particular item, with the serial number 0000001 – was actually owned by Ringo Starr himself. When he put it up for auction a few years ago, it sold for an astounding US$790,000, making it the top entry in our list of world’s most expensive vinyl records ever sold.

A copy of The Beatles' self-titled White Album is the world's most expensive vinyl record

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