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Science-backed wellness rituals to start your day right

We’re living in the shadow of a global pandemic, work and home have fused into one, and there are several daily stressors, too – sometimes motivation is hard to come by… We reached out to a wellness expert to bring a list of the little morning rituals which you can follow to boost your day ahead. Let’s get started…

1. Choose a time to wake up every morning, and stick to it

Remember for acing every wellness ritual its ‘discipline over motivation’ – even if getting up on time is the bane of your existence (very Bridgeton, we know!), having a sleep/wake schedule will help your body establish rhythm, strengthen your immune and digestive system, improve emotional stability and is a blessing for good skin. All these health benefits can be just 40 winks away… think about that! 

2. Stay hydrated, pop in the vitamins

“There’s nothing like a glass of warm water on an empty stomach to turbocharge your health and have a beautiful day ahead”, says wellness expert and psychotherapist Katie Leung at Hong Kong’s premier mental health destination, Mindish Most people wake up already slightly dehydrated from 7 to 8 hours of sleep, or maybe few too many glasses of wine the night before – whatever the case, without further delay or an added dose of caffeine, drink your water and flush out the toxins.

From collagens to Omega 3, mornings are an apt time to address your nutrient and healthcare concerns as well. If you are looking for a nourishing supplement with vital adaptogens to boost your overall mind and body health, The Daily Glow sachets could be a good inclusion. Created in travel-sized packs, these supplements are loaded with curcumin (the active ingredient found in turmeric), honey, piperine among other organic ingredients – not only designed to enrich your gut health, but also a healthier alternative to sugar in cocktails, or a topping on toast. 

3. Start your day like a baby

Rolling out of the bed straight to your cellphone or laptop might seem particularly easy and obvious in the work from home scenario, but waking up like a baby – slow, long stretches, gently opening the eyes, soaking it all in and then flowing into consciousness – that’s the natural, most zen ritual which will nurture your mind. If you jump straight into a screen the first thing in the day, you’re training your mind into believing life is a maze, even before you wake up. Take it gentle, take it slow – you have the entire day ahead to honour deadlines and scroll through Instagram. 

4. Follow it by positive affirmations, meditation and exercise

Yoga, weights, running, walking – choose your ideal activity to ease into the day and do it like clockwork. Meditate – even if it is for just ten minutes in the day, make it a daily habbit to manage stress. Katie Leung of Mindish recommends harping on the science of positive affirmations to set the tone of your day. “Deciding on the positive mantra of the day – ‘you only live once’, ‘today will be a fine day’, ‘just breathe’, will cultivate a sense of inner peace and give you the tools to enhance mindfulness.” 

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5. Important to have NOT to-do lists

Sounds totally counter-intuitive – we know that! 

We are all inundated with an overflowing to-do list – having a roadmap to strike things off it is the most productive approach but set healthy barriers and intentions of things which do not align with your goals and vision, and keep those off from your plate. Maybe staying away from social media, stop checking email the first thing in the morning, not reading work texts on your commute – taking that as your ‘me time’ – it’s important to check off the things which you should and should not be doing in the day. 

6. Have an ideal nighttime routine

A good night’s sleep is the most basic yet integral way to wake up early, create sufficient time to ease into work without hitting the panic button, and have a productive day ahead. Take a break from screens 30-minutes before sleep time, sounds difficult but with practice its absolutely doable to set healthy barrier with your gadgets, calm your mind with a refreshing warm soak, use some scented candles to give your brain a soothing signal to transition into relax-mode and decompress after a long day. 

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