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Winter Skin Saviours: Hydrating products for dewy skin!

We’re loving the coat season but the sudden drop of temperature is harsh for the skin. Unless you’re one of the lucky humans blessed with plump, dewy skin year-round, you’re probably well-aware of the damage that winter can wreak on your pretty dermis. Below we detail the holy-grail products for winter skincare – make the swap now for added hydration, unless you want to be a member of the Withered Winter Skin Club!

Rescue and Recover

Sometime in 2013, an elephant strolled into the room and changed the beauty conversation. With innovative beauty formulas, clean ingredients and fun, neon packaging – mompreneur Tiffany Masterson – now a leading icon has disrupted the skincare industry and taken a tiny startup, Drunk Elephant to near unicorn status in less than a decade. Their Lala Retro Whipped Cream is an award-winning formula of rich omega acids, fermented green tea and other clean ingredients which instantly deliver hydrated, plump, revived skin. The formula will not leave you greasy or oily – perfect for all skin types.  

Face Cream Rich

When a trained doctor and a medical researcher designs a cosmetics line, you know your skin will get its money’s worth. Dr Barbara Strum‘s molecular cosmetics are as straightforward and clean as they come. The Face Rich Cream, a luxurious blend of nutrient-rich oils, collagen, activated compounds and a rich dose of vitamin E, shea butter among other ingredients will leave a youthful, nourished complexion. Use it daily to get the confidence of going bare skin. Highly effective for dry and mature skin. 

Overnight Repair
Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_tatcha_Indigo_Overnight_Repair

First up, is Japanese beauty and skincare brand Tatcha’s Indigo Overnight Repair, a soothing moisturising treatment that visibly calms any irritation or inflammation and delivers active natural ingredients to strengthen the skin’s defensive layers. You can rest assured that the product will work to counter the effects of everyday exposure to harsh weather and pollution, so you wake up refreshed with luminous, healthier-looking skin. 

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Revitalising Compounds
Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound

If you’re looking for a lighter application, Ecological Compound emulsion from French skincare and cosmetics brand Sisley Paris is just the ticket. Packed with carefully balanced ingredients such as ginseng, rosemary, horsetail, hops and centella asiatica, this water-based serum moisturises, nourishes, revitalises and boosts the epidermis’ protection while toning facial contours. It can be used alone or before your usual moisturising cream for additional hydration.

Eye Treasure
Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_Lancome_Advanced Genifique Eye Cream

Not neglecting the eyes, we’ve included a quick-effect eye cream, Génifique Yeux by luxury skincare line Lancôme, that aims to visibly strengthen the eye area and provide a more radiant, youthful look in just seven days. Enriched with a complex of seven pre- and probiotic fractions, it’s light to the touch but packed with strong, defensive moisturising elements.

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Grim to Glowy
Gafencu_beauty_moisturising_serum_Ecological Compound_Lancome_Advanced Genifique Eye Cream_la mer hydrating infused lotion

Alternatively, marine-inspired La Mer continues to perfect the art of fermenting sea kelp into miraculous skincare products. Its latest all-nourishing, feather-light emulsion is packed with micronutrients. The Hydrating Infused Emulsion comprises nutrient-rich kelp and soy, as well as lime tea concentrate, to counter the effects of free radicals, and antioxidants to calm redness and inflammation – effortlessly revitalising the skin with the brand’s trademarked cell-renewing Miracle Broth.

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