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What A Wonderful European Beef: Raising awareness on unique quality of European cattle

With Hong Kong returning to some semblance of normalcy after a challenging start to 2020, some in the city have turned their attention – quite literally – to matters more meaty. In fact, the Provacuno (the Agrofood Interprofessional Organisation of the Spanish Beef Industry) kickstarted its first promotional activity of the year here in order to raise awareness of its fine cattle and the delicious beef they produce. 

What A Wonderful European Beef raises awareness for European beef

Held as a series of online events, the What A Wonderful European Beef campaign launched with a webinar where Jose Ramon, Director of the International Department of Provacuno, introduced unique characteristics of Spanish and other European beefs to the city’s professionals. To follow were two days of B2B meetings hosted online, allowing experts at Provacuno a firsthand opportunity to learn more about Hong Kong’s consumers and trends. 

Provacuna - What A Wonderful European Beef webinar

With this online campaign slate as the latest chapter of the three-year What A Wonderful European Beef campaign, we’re sure there’ll be even more meat-related treats in the future. 

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