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Zygo Solo: Innovative headphones allow you to hear audio underwater

Whether it’s spilling coffee on your laptop or accidentally dropping your phone into the sink, it’s no secret that liquids are the bane of pretty much any electrical device. So if we were to tell you that you can now stream audio underwater, you’d be forgiven for looking askance at us. But that’s precisely what an upcoming new gadget – the Zygo Solo – promises to deliver.

Paired with a transmitter, the Zygo Solo doubles as a one-way radio transmitter

Currently in its production stage with capital raised on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the Zygo Solo headphones are said to be capable delivering crisp audio underwater. Unlike existing waterproof devices which require programmes to be pre-loaded in MP3 format, it comes equipped with a pioneering Bluetooth-radio frequency hybrid application that allows high-quality streaming from apps like Spotify or iTunes from your phone or other digital devices.

The Zygo Solo uses bone conducting tech to allow high-quality audio underwater

The Zygo Solo is a light-weight, wrap-around wireless headset that sits comfortably above your ears. Utilising bone-conducting technology – which transmits audio by vibrating against your skull directly into your inner ear – it leaves your ears open to your surroundings. An innovative grip design allows for tumbles and turns underwater without weighing down your head.

Zygo Solo is an upcoming underwater headset

Billed as the perfect swim coaching aid, the accompanying transmitter (with a range of 50m underwater) acts as a one-way walkie-talkie, allowing the wearer to receive communications in real time and correct their position mid-stroke. Above water, meanwhile, the Zygo Solo has a range of over half a kilometre, which makes this versatile device an apt companion for a variety of other water sports, including surfing, sailing and wakeboarding. To preorder your own US$209 headset, visit this website now. To find out more about this upcoming gadget, check out the video below.

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