Normann Copenhagen HK’s Spring 2023 exudes aesthetics and practicality

By Renuka
Apr 13, 2023

Danish design company Normann Copenhagen takes pride in creating visually appealing furniture pieces that are also very ergonomic and practical. For its Spring 2023 collection, the brand has launched tables, chairs, lights, sofas, and other home products. For the brand’s future direction, it is only expected to get more premium and innovative with its original designs.

While we cannot wait to see all the fantastic contemporary designs that are yet to come, for now, let’s focus on some of the fabulous pieces from Normann Copenhagen’s Spring 2023 line.

Normann Copenhagen

Drape comes in two forms – Lounge Chair High and Lounge Chair Low. While the Lounge Chair High has an additional headrest allowing for more head-and-neck support, the latter looks more simple yet sleek.

Drape comes in different colours and fabrics, while also letting people choose between steel or oak legs. Whatever option you pick, every Drape chair boasts elegance and comfort with its soft curves and the brand’s precision in every detail of the design.

Normann Copenhagen

Ark is the brand’s retake on modular sofa design. Ark has both high-density and low-density foam incorporated in the design to allow for a cosier sitting.

Its minimalist style along with all the jaw-dropping features like the powder-coated steel legs make Ark a simple-yet-sophisticated sofa to add to one’s living room. Best of all, Ark is created with adequate spacing between the cushion and the floor thus making it easier for cleaning.

Much like Drape, Ark is also available in various upholstery options, and whether you choose the end module, centre module, corner module, or all of them, there are hundreds of materials to choose from.

Normann Copenhagen

Off Chair gets its inspiration from the need to work comfortably, so it follows the elements of an office chair with a more fashionable design front. It looks classy with its rounded rectangular shape.

Off Chair can be opted in either the fixed four-point legs or five legs with wheels, and people can also choose between having an armrest or not. Best suited for both office and home, every person sitting on Off Chair would most definitely appreciate its mechanical features and seamless look.

Rib, which will remind you of the Nordic summerhouses in the 1960s, is the storage cabinet that features an appealing exterior design without compromising on its storage capacity. Given that it comes with detachable shelves, the Rib can be easily adjusted to the needs of each individual.

Rib has two renditions – the smaller one which is the Rib Cabinet and the larger one which is the Rib Sideboard.

One of the most classic pieces from Normann Copenhagen, Turn Table is back with its design elevated with designer Simon Legald adding two new colours – black marble and white marble.

Allowing for adjustable height via rotation, the Turn Table comes with a bell-shaped steel base that makes the table look stunning and sturdy at the same time.

Normann Copenhagen

As Normann Copenhagen defines it, the Scala table is the “ultimate adaptable table,” as these tables are made to fit the space of your choice. Besides letting people pick between oak or marble top with steel bases, each Scala table resembles your old-fashioned furniture design, perfect for people who appreciate classic and vintage designs.

To take a closer look at each piece, visit Normann Copenhagen’s showroom at 31 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.