Peri Projectors

By Joseff Musa
Sep 25, 2023

Create the prettiest new addition to your jewellery collection using peridot.

The mineral olivine, which naturally has an olive-green colour, is what gives Peridot its gem-quality status; however, it has a distinctive lime-green hue that truly plays up the current dopamine-dressing trend. High-quality resources, which were only recently discovered in China but were originally discovered on an island in the Red Sea, have sparked a peridot-jewellery explosion.

Peridots were the height of fashion in the Victorian era and are said to banish nightmares and bring luck. They were known as the Evening Emerald by the ancient Romans, believed to glow in the dark by the early Egyptians and adored by King Edward VII.

Don’t let the stone’s lime-green colour deter you; modern jewellers have demonstrated how its acidic tones can be tastefully complemented with other stones, especially diamonds and pearls, as shown by Chaumet, Buccellati and Mikimoto, amongst many others.